A few questions about hosting a server.

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User Info: mutation10101

5 years ago#1
If anyone would be so kind as to answer a few questions about hosting a server, that would be great.

1) Could a computer in around the $600 price range be good enough to host a server for maybe 6-8 people well enough to not have lag?
*I say could, because I'm not computer savvy, so listing off parts is like talking German to me.

2) How much does it usually cost to host a server for 6-8 people?

3) Provided the computer could handle it, and to host a server isn't that much money to do so... How hard is it to get some plug-ins and mods for the server and to maintain them? Again, I'm not tech savvy, so go easy on the explanation.

Thanks for your time in answering.
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User Info: Megeas

5 years ago#2
1) Well it always depends on both the specs of the computer and also if your going to be using this computer as both the server and a client. basically when you have a server running off this computer are you going to be playing minecraft on this computer also? Or do you have another computer that you will be using to play Minecraft and connect to this computer?

If you plan on using this for both Minecraft and the Server then no. computers in the $500-$600 tend to be that cheap because they don't use dedicated graphics cards. Even just playing Minecraft single player would not be fun because Integrated Graphics are just a big drop from a dedicated card.

Now if you plan on using it JUST for a server then you can get away with a cheap computer. a server won't need to use a graphics card and focuses more on RAM. get a half decent CPU and nice bit of RAM and you should be able your friends.

2) If you have your own computer to run a server then it only costs what ever you pay for your internet connection. For just you and a bunch of friends I would say just stick with that option if you can. There are multiple webhosts online that are able to host minecraft. you really need to go check out their own pricing and what they offer. That said it can be a bit more of a hassle for someone who doesn't know much about computers to start running a server. Especially if you are not willing to research and learn about these types of things.

3) Mods are easy. there are plenty of sites that offer them. There are plenty of guides. there are plenty of videos on Youtube.

User Info: mutation10101

5 years ago#3
Ok thanks for the insights. I'll look into a few things, see if I can't get a dedicated graphics card and extra ram.

Now say if one of my friends decides to host, could a computer in that price range run Minecraft smoothly? My current computer is quite a piece of crap, can't run anything smoothly. So regardless it will be an upgrade, but just how much roughly would be nice too.
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User Info: NicoC96

5 years ago#4
Ok, I'll answer number 1 for you. Yes, yes it can. I built a computer for $500, added some little things as I went like more RAM (added 8GB) and a un-needed 550W PSU (Only needed 300W, but I can use it in my next build). Hardware wise, I can host a decent size server.
All you need is ~4GB of RAM, a good processor (2nd gen i3 is nice and cheap), and a fast internet connection. The only thing that holds you back is your speeds.
Don't listen to Megeas, he doesn't seem like he knows much about computers. Graphics have NOTHING to do with hosting, most servers run "headless", or no display at all. Besides, modern integrated graphics such as HD 3000 (standard on all 2nd Gen Intels) can run a game like Skyrim at the lowest settings at about 20FPS, not super playable, but not a slideshow.
I recommend the following for a decent $600 server host/everyday computer:
Any Socket 1155 motherboard
8GB of RAM if you want to play well you host the server
Minimum of a 430W Power supply
Good case (HAF 912 is cheap and very functional)
For 6-8 people, at least a 6mb/s connection. Anything higher 12mb/s to reduce lag.

User Info: TStodden

5 years ago#5
Besides a decent processor, you're going to need a lot of RAM & a kick-ass connection.

Visit http://canihostaminecraftserver.com/ & plug in the information about your connection & the desired hosting computer to find out exactly how many players your server could support.

REMINDER: To convert from GB's to MB's, multiply by 1024.

For about 10 players (including yourself), any decent computer running Windows 7 w/ at least 2 GB's of RAM (this can be picked up for about $300 - $500, if the computer is ONLY to be used as a server) & a broadband connection that supports 3 MBps BOTH WAYS is enough... but play with the figures there.

For your connection, make sure you read the fine print in your ISP's TOS & AUP, since not all residential-grade connections permit private servers. You'll usually have to pay extra (like $5 / month) for it OR be forced to upgrade to a commercial-grade connection (which more bandwidth, or at least more flexible usage).

The site will tell you where the potential problems with your server lie (be it with your connection OR the amount of RAM) if you want to try to improve the number of supported players.

Hope this helps!
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User Info: mutation10101

5 years ago#6
Ok forget hosting, where I live I get pretty slow internet connection. Too bad I don't like cities, I'm sure I would be a lot better off.
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