Are there any mods that can let you see ALL recipes?

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  3. Are there any mods that can let you see ALL recipes?

User Info: Marioface5

5 years ago#1
Things like CraftGuide are great for most recipes, and Not Enough Items shows a bit more, but neither of these show recipes for things like ThaumCraft 2's Infuser. Are there any mods that will, one way or another, show you all of the recipes? I hate trying to enjoy the game only to constantly need to go online to see how to make items and what can be made.
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User Info: VividAxis

5 years ago#2
A small notebook and a retractable pen is what I use. It's compatible with every version of every game and you don't have to worry about upgrades.

User Info: Megawizard

5 years ago#3
Crafting Table 2's probably what you're looking for:

Without going to the link, this is what it says it supports as on right now, Thaumcraft being one of them: "This now comes with descriptions for vanilla items, RedPower pr4, Buildcraft, Railcraft, Thaumcraft, Equivalent Exchange, Weaponmod and Moar Nether."

Making the table's as simple as throwing a crafting bench into the crafting window with a book.

Throwing a pic in too:
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User Info: Mufufu_Master

5 years ago#4
The thing with the infuser is that you can have a recipe book using the Thauminomicon, which is four discoveries around a book. The only recipes you then need to memorize will be the base Infuser recipes, which by no means are hard to remember.
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User Info: mu695

5 years ago#5
Risgami's Recipe Book, also includes modded items.
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User Info: nmagod

5 years ago#6
Thaumcraft is pretty terrible about NEI integration, yes.
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User Info: funkedelike

5 years ago#7
I thought Crafting guide has a special section for furnaced items. I just assumed that thaumcraft infuser stuff would go here as well.
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User Info: NinjaKitsune

5 years ago#9
The problem with stuff like thaumcraft's infuser is that they're not traditional recipes. There may be some way to get them to show up as a category in craftguide like RP's alloy furnace recipes, but that would be up to the mod creator and/or craftguide's creator.
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