Is there any way to stop zombie sieges?

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User Info: SlashingGamer5

4 years ago#1
I set up my home in a village, and I've made it pretty secure. There's 8 iron golems, lights everywhere, and a massive wall protecting me, so I'm protected from most mobs. The only problem I have is zombie sieges. It's easy enough to protect myself, but making sure 200+ villagers don't die is a constant problem, and it's only going to get worse when villagers can get infected and infect others. Is there any way to prevent zombie sieges, or even a mod that will stop them?

User Info: Loremas1861

4 years ago#2
You can read this page on the forums about Zombie Sieges:

Here's a little part of the page that might help...
Hard mode: All doors should be one block above the ground. This still allows villagers to enter but prevents zombies from breaking in.

I tried googling something for ya, but didn't find anything :)

Hope this helps man!
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  3. Is there any way to stop zombie sieges?

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