What exactly are you supposed to do?

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User Info: GG_90

6 years ago#1
I just started this game, and right now all I can do is walk around and punch sheep and cows. What are some of the things you can do in this game?
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User Info: Enclave

6 years ago#2
Well, if you wait a few min you'll be being hunted by various horribly deadly monsters. Assuming you're playing Alpha of course.

My suggestion would be to gather some wood by punching trees, make a pickaxe, find some coal to mind and then build a quick shelter in a mountain to hunker down for the night.
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User Info: Revamptaion

6 years ago#3
Almost anything you want!

To start off, break down a couple trees and go to your inventory with the I key, and turn the tree's into wood, which you can then turn 4 of those into a crafting table, which you can create stuff with. Look up videos on youtube for more help, or search for a crafting guide.

The main point of the game is creativity and survival. Make a mansion, or castle and build underground lairs (or in my case, an underwater one ^_^) and most of all, have fun.

User Info: Clownless

6 years ago#4
First of all you should be playing on the hardest difficulty if you want any kind of starting objective - which is to ensure your safety from monsters in the night. From there you'll undoubtedly make your own objectives: make a badass fort, a minecart ride, a house under the sea made of glass, whatever. If you are like every other person who has ever played Minecraft, every single project you engage in will get more and more ambitious as you work on it, probably because of how simple and easy construction is; put a block from your inventory into your active item slots, and place it with the right mouse button where you aim.

You can dig through most things with your bare hands and collect some kind of resource block from it. Using the inventory screen you can get craftable wood by just putting tree logs into the crafting area. Putting one wood block into each panel of your crafting area, you can make a workbench. Using the workbench (right click it), you can now craft things in a 3x3 area. Generally you have to put things in the shape of what the item you want is. Here's some basic stuff:

2 wood blocks in a line on top of one another = sticks
1 stick with coal on top of it = torch (prevents enemies from spawning, lets you see in the dark... make lots of these!)

Using the 3x3 crafting area you can use sticks and some hard material (ranging from wood to diamon) you can make tools, like a pick, shovel, axe, and sword. It's pretty easy to guess the shape you need to make your basic tools. These things speed up your progress significantly. From there you can experiment or use various guides like the Minecraft Wiki to find out how to make other stuff.

User Info: Chev427BB

6 years ago#5
Oh, and be on the constant lookout for creepers (they look kind of like cacti with faces), they'll blow you the **** up when you least expect it

User Info: Zer0es

6 years ago#6
^ I second that.
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User Info: Nezra_Fallon

6 years ago#7
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