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User Info: ThePlasmaStorm

7 years ago#1

Are you hopelessly lost in the world of Minecraft? Got no idea why you are hitting trees with meat from a cow you punched to death? Have no clue why little green men are sneaking up behind you and blowing themselves up? Well this guide is to help you first timers understand what is what a game called Minecraft.

What is Minecraft?

A sandbox game where you explore a virtually endless world full of mystery and wonder. Minecraft follows a distinct 8-bit world where almost everything is made out of cubes. The game's world is created as you play the game, allowing for an almost infinite world. Minecraft is made by a guy named Markus "Notch" Perrson and was first released in May 2009. Minecraft is based off games such as Dwarf Fortress and Infiniminer. Minecraft is always updating and, as of this writing, is in the Alpha phase, and quickly moving to beta.

Is Minecraft Free?

Yes and no. Alpha, known as the version on the bleeding edge, is always updating and is more of a survival exploration game where you find and work with the natural resources the game gives you to survive as long as you can. Clas.sic is the free version, which only lets you create objects (sometime massive and artful from very dedicated artists) from different colored blocks.

How much does Minecraft cost?

As of this writing, Minecraft costs 9.95 Euros (about 13.66 USD). When it approaches beta (which Notch said will come soon) it will double in price.

Your first day out and about

So you decided that, despite all the warnings about this game taking over your life, you bought this game anyways. Well, congratulations. If you are playing the game from the website or the exe, the game is still the same. Log in, let the java applet download all required packages, and select options. I highly recommend you turn the game's difficulty down to "peaceful" until you get the hang of things, when you can then turn it back on to "normal" or "hard," otherwise you'll be mauled by enemies by nightfall while having no idea what you're doing. Anyways, select single player, select one of five empty slots, and start playing.

The first thing you should do in your new world is stay close to where you spawned, because a tool you will craft later called a compass helps you find where you are in relation to your spawn point in case you ever get lost (and believe me, it really is easy to get lost), not where your main base of operations is (which we will build later), unless you build your base where you spawned (see where I'm going with this?). Find some trees around you and start punching the trunk of one of them by holding left click until the block disappears and a small miniature version appears, which you can then grab.

After you punched all the wood out of the trunk, press i to access your inventory and basic crafting interface. Drag a single wood block to your 2x2 crafting grid to create four wooden planks. Keep left clicking the wooden planks until you run out of wood. Drag the planks into the crafting grid and then right click to separate your stack into two equal halves. Subsequent right clicks removes one item from your stack.

Fill the entire grid with planks and you create a workbench. Drag the workbench into your hotbar and exit out of your inventory screen. With the workbench selected, right click somewhere on land to drop it and right click it again to access the workbench's 3x3 crafting grid. Drag two stacks of wood into a 1x2 rectangle to create four sticks. If you are already out of wood, go punch more out of trees, as you will need the wood to craft tools. The green bush like entities that drop out of trees are actually saplings, which you can plant by right clicking on dirt. The sapling will grow into a full-grown tree in a few day cycles, which you can then harvest.

Anyways, after you think you have subsequent wood (no amount is too little but harvest at least ten blocks), craft it into logs and go back to your workbench. You are now going to craft three essential tools: an axe (helps you chop trees faster), a pickaxe (helps you mine stone and harvest ores), and a shovel (helps you dig into dirt, sand, snow, and gravel faster). Note that both axe and shovel are not required to do well in Minecraft (it just decreases the time to do an action), but a pickaxe is definitely required to mine ore, as certain ores can only be harvested with certain pickaxes. Punching the ore will not only take forever, but also you will not obtain any ore out of it.

To craft an axe: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/images/e/e9/CraftingAxesIOanim.gif
To craft a pickaxe: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/images/2/25/CraftingPickaxesIOanim.gif
To craft a shovel: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/images/c/cf/CraftingShovelsIOanim.gif
To craft a sword (recommended for difficulties other than "peaceful" to kill enemies): http://www.minecraftwiki.net/images/b/b8/CraftingSwordsIOanim.gif

Do note that using these tools for a purpose other than what it is described for (such as chopping trees with a shovel) will make the tool wear out faster. Tools wear out from use and will be destroyed when their durability hits zero. There is no way to repair tools so the only way to obtain another tool is to craft it again. A tool's durability is based on what material it is made out of.

It is: wood (33 uses) = gold (33 uses) < stone (65 uses) < iron (129 uses) < diamond (1025 uses)

Your Base

Anyways, drag all three tools into your hotbar. Punch your workbench until it breaks, grab it, and drag it back into your hotbar if it is not done automatically. It is now time to make your home base. There are two ways to do this: either build it into a cliff wall (recommended) or build a building out of logs. Remember how I mentioned that your base should be somewhere close to your spawn, so keep that in mind as well.
If you decide to build it into a wall, shovel or mine yourself into a 1x2 area, then expand inside, dropping your workbench into an area you like.
If you decide to build a building, do notice that it will take a lot of logs to do so, which may last long into the night, when enemies spawn (unless you are playing on "peaceful" difficulty). A good-sized one is 5x5x5 big, though it may be as small as 2x3x2. Do not forget to create a 1x2 opening to walk inside your base.
Create a door by crafting logs in a 2x3 rectangle. Place the door outside your base to prevent enemies from coming in. To open or close a door, just punch it.

Start Mining!

Now that you have your base to your liking, the next thing you should do is start mining. Close to your base (if it is a building) or inside your base (if it is inside a wall) shovel downwards in a staircase pattern (across two, down one, across two, down one, and so on and so forth) until you hit stone, which then you should replace your shovel with your pickaxe. While digging down, things you should look for is stone with ores. Black ores are coal and is critical for your survival in Minecraft. Mine out all the coal you see and continue downwards (if you see tan colored ores, do not mine them until you read the paragraph below).

Somewhere around this point, your wooden pickaxe would have broken, but do not fret! Climb the stairs back to your base to your workbench. Follow the pickaxe recipe, but replace the logs with the cobblestone that you mined. Not only does a stone pickaxe last longer (in terms of durability), but you can mine iron with it (the tan colored ores). In addition, to prevent lots of backtracking, it would not be a bad idea to craft as many as five stone pickaxes.

At this point, it would also not be a bad idea to create a furnace by crafting stone in a hollow 3x3 square. A furnace is required to smelt iron and gold to create iron and gold tools. Another good idea is to create a large chest (helps you store excess items), which is two small chests places side by side. To craft a small chest, think about the furnace recipe, but replace all the cobblestone with wood.

With the coal you mined, it is a good idea to build a torch with it. It is recommended to build as many torches as possible with the coal you mined so far. All you need to do is place coal on top of a stick. Right click to place torches to create light. Light repels enemies and stops them from spawning, which occurs in the darkness. Also, you might notice how dark it is in your staircase! Torches will solve this issue.

What's Ahead?

You now have a basic idea of how Minecraft works. Dig your staircase further down and you may find a natural cavern full of ores and the unknown. Keep upgrading your tools over time, eventually replacing it all with diamonds.

http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Main_Page is all you need for more Minecraft information not included in this first timers' guide (and there is a lot of information not included). Have fun and beware of Herobrine!

¯`·._ Out! Out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow. _.·´¯

User Info: Awesome_Bastard

7 years ago#2
i guess you want to get sticky huh?

*Spills Maple Syrup all over this Topic*
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User Info: ThePlasmaStorm

7 years ago#3
My god this thing is filled with grammar errors.
Let this topic die. Posting v.2 soon...
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