certian depth for some minerals?

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User Info: flamemonster

7 years ago#1
Do i have to dig so far down to start seeing the more rare minerals? ive been digging for ever and only have found some iron...
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User Info: pinkshredder

7 years ago#2
Same here man. All I've been able to find is loads of coal and a little iron. I think you just have to get lucky is all. In my first world, i found a cave that was very rich in gold. And in my current world, all i can find is iron.

So anyways, I think being close to lava or being farther down gives you a better chance of finding something other than iron and coal but i could be wrong.
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User Info: Dude1203

7 years ago#3

User Info: osrevad1

7 years ago#4
The easiest way to find most minerals is to find a cave that is already there and explore it, as opposed to digging randomly. There are some minerals that are almost always near the bottom, such as Redstone and Diamond., but even with diamond, you're more likely to find it in a cave (usually filled with lava in that case)
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User Info: osrevad1

7 years ago#5
That thing you linked to is great. Thanks
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User Info: jasam01

7 years ago#6
I think redstone/diamons are layers 0-15 (0-5 are adminium)

Not sure when gold appears.
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User Info: Harbinger_X

7 years ago#7
Yeah, here's what you do, start making a stair way, I usually mine 4 blocks, including the next step down. Gives room for using stairs. Keep mining down and placing torches until you hit the bedrock/adminium.

Once you do, mine around a little bit and find the highest point the bedrock spawns, it'll most likely bed the one you hit or a block above. Now, start mining tunnels and branch them out. Down there, it's very common to find red ore, diamonds are usually chilling with the red ore, in the 1 1/2 hours it takes me to do all that, sometimes I can find 10 or more diamonds.

Be careful of lava. Never stand under what you're mining, or on. And always have a block ready to plug a lava pit. Don't break any cobblestone you didn't place lol, damn skeletons. When you do find lava, try to find it's bounds. I had one pit that spanned 3 flights of stairs, and about 25 blocks across. - .-

User Info: ZeraphLordS

7 years ago#8
That link is pretty useful, thanks!
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User Info: minecraft

7 years ago#9
The best method for mining rare minerals, in my opinion, is digging straight down till you hit bedrock then pocket mining sideways.
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User Info: Dude1203

7 years ago#10
Pocket mining is a technique used after finding ore, to try to find more nearby ore, not a technique for finding ore to begin with. I only bother pocketing Diamonds.

Branching is the best, IMHO. With a branch mine, you expose the most blocks with the least amount of mining.
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