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User Info: ksdlass

7 years ago#1

Hi. I was told of Minecraft by my friends so I decided to play it. Unfortunately, the game did not work for me.

I would like people to tell me some solutions and links. I would like some to also tell me every single file related to minecraft, such as .minecraft in the appdata folder, so i can delete and redownload.

User Info: Nevest

7 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Nevest

7 years ago#3
When you ask for people to help you solve a problem, it's usually a good idea to actually give some detail other than "it didn't work". - Legen- wait for it...
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User Info: Tibyon

7 years ago#4
Did you buy it? You can't play Alpha if you didn't buy it.
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User Info: Flailsnail

7 years ago#5
Judging by your post, I'm going to guess you didn't buy the game. That will be the root of your problem.

If you did buy the game, then give actual details of your problem if you want help. Just saying it didn't work is worthless.

User Info: ksdlass

7 years ago#6

Sorry, I did not realise I did not give any information.

This is for the free version, "classic"

After I click single player, it goes to the screen and it flashes "switching applet" then it stays as a black (sometimes white) screen.

I use firefox, latest java, and I know its not a hardware problem (if it was my comp would have been made in 1995 or something)

User Info: Cuboned

7 years ago#7
Don't bother, minecraft classic is dumb.

Minecraft Classic and Minecraft Alpha ARE NOT the same game. Just drop the 10 Euros and save yourself an extra 20$ since you're just gonna buy it anyways

User Info: ksdlass

7 years ago#8

I know they are completely different, but Im not buying something if I can't make it work first.

I at least want to make classic work first so I am confident that alpha will work. No point buying something that won't work.

User Info: TheBionicRock

7 years ago#9
I doubt it's the problem but are your video card drivers up to date? Also try going to users\(yourname)\adddata\roaming\ and delete the minecraft folder there if it exists to see if maybe something just got screwed up in there.
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User Info: ksdlass

7 years ago#10

I doubt minecraft needs a higher video card requirement than fallout 3. but thanks for the second part of the message. Ill try and see if it works.

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