How exactly do I grow trees?

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User Info: JD_Salinger

6 years ago#1
Just...pour water on wood?

User Info: Shah138

6 years ago#2
I think you have to drop a tree sapling onto grass or something.
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User Info: TheBionicRock

6 years ago#3
No water needed. Just put a sapling on a block of dirt and make sure it has some headroom and light.
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User Info: LostAndWounded

6 years ago#4
Plant a sapling in grass or dirt and it will grow if it has 4 blocks of room directly above it AND is never exposed to light levels darker than 8 (unless it has open view of the sky).

So, plant a sapling, and either stick a torch next to it or put it outside.

User Info: jasam01

6 years ago#5
It need 1X1X4 space minimum, and light to grow. Thuis can be any source of light. Tourches egenraly result in faster growing due working at night. Slightly more space aparently improves times, as when spawning it trys to spawn one of the 3(i thinK) types of trees, and fails if theres not enough space (So it will be fatse rif it has the potential for large trees to spawn)
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  3. How exactly do I grow trees?

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