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What do you do with dirt?

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User Info: Aribar_Hunter

7 years ago#1
I'm the kind of miner that clears out all of the underground dirt and gravel pockets. This typically nets me some previously hidden ore and even makes my mines a little bit bigger (or can even find new tunnels!), but in exchange it gives me dirt.

I can work with gravel. It's a nice road material, or to make my fireplaces and furnace areas work better. Dirt? I'm pretty much clueless on what to do with it. I've been working on a decently sized floating island that's taken up one large chest of dirt, One of about four or five large chests, not to mention the other chests of dirt others on the server have.

So I want to see how other people use their dirt blocks. Sod houses? Mountain creation, continent creation, and other terraforming activities?
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User Info: Dapper_Dan_Man

7 years ago#2
Terraforming is good. I also use dirt as my foundation if I build over water.
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User Info: Cobaltos

7 years ago#3
I use dirt as my stepladder when building HUGE cobblestone things because it's so easy to break with a diamond shovel. It's gravel I can't really find a use for as it has gravity.
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User Info: banjo kazooie

banjo kazooie
7 years ago#4
I like building houses which are built in hollow hills. Dirt provides the obvious outside of the hill.
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User Info: jbtilley

7 years ago#5
The best thing to do is to create a large chest and store nearly everything. You never know when that stuff will come in handy for a project in the future.

I remember tossing loads of dirt out just to find that I later needed it to make a large flat section of land for a building project. I had to mine more dirt. If I had saved it I could have used what I had already mined before.

And yeah, gravel is pretty much the only useless block type I've come across. If I need a gravity block I just use sand, since sand at least has a function of being able to convert it to glass. That said, I've still got a bit of gravel tucked away just in case ;)

User Info: Megawizard

7 years ago#6
I usually dump mine in the nearest large body of water; although I do keep one stack around just in case I need it for anything. Like if I need to fill in a hole for a space behind/under something else, I generally don't feel like wasting a piece of cobblestone.
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User Info: Atomic DK

Atomic DK
7 years ago#7
I've built a dirt wall, dirt pyramid, and some dirt forts/houses. Using dirt and allowing grass to grow on top of the structure gives everything an aged look to me.

I'd use the mossy cobblestone if it were easier to find...
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User Info: jinhong91

7 years ago#8
What do you do with dirt?
Well you can build stuff with them.
I like to bring at least a stack of dirt to use as bridges and steps for exploring.
I also used dirt to build my inverted pyramid as a base.
Dirt pillars, dirt monorails, dirt skybridges and land reclamation using dirt.
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User Info: n00bdragon

7 years ago#9
I use most of my dirt for extensive underground farming projects. It still leaves me a lot of leftovers but if I ever need scaffolding it works wonders there. Other than that I just build more chests to store it in along with all the cobblestone. I literally have entire larders devoted to nothing but cobblestone and dirt.
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User Info: Mac13eth

7 years ago#10
I was using dirt to fill in pockets I've mined so that I don't need to light them up, but now that the spawning has been changed again I might go back to building wide hills and leveling the land.
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