black screen when installing mods. why? help?

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  3. black screen when installing mods. why? help?

User Info: Retro_Cuddles

6 years ago#1
so i downloaded mo's mobs mod. downloaded the audio mod and mod loader for it. watched the 15 minuted tutorial on how to install and i still get black screen after logging in. any mod i try this happens. fml

help pls.
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User Info: Itachi62

6 years ago#2
Delete META-INF.
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User Info: reno385

6 years ago#3
Check and see if they're compatible with beta. If the version says 1.2.6 alpha or something like that then it unfortunately won't work with the current version of the game until they are rereleased with beta compatibility.

User Info: maxxfreak1

6 years ago#4
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User Info: Multisensory

6 years ago#5
Right click the minecraft.jar and open it with WinRar. Delete the folder named META-INF. (Youtube) lets you drag and drop images to upload, let's you crop, and has direct link. Please use it instead of Imageshack.
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