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User Info: IronSasquatch

6 years ago#1
I've seen tons of people asking questions about it, so I'm writing this comprehensive guide to encompass the installation and removal of mods and texture packs. Request a sticky for me please.

Finding and Downloading Mods

The best and quickest way to find mods is to visit the official forums. More specifically, the mapping and modding section.


This forum is the place that all the best modders post their mods, texture packs, ideas, and works-in-progress for you to download and use. If you're having trouble finding a specific mod that you happen to know the name of, just type the name of it into google along with minecraftforum, and the page should be right at the top of your results.

Most mods and texture packs come in the form of a rar file, so you'll need some program along the lines of winrar to extract the needed files. Here is its link...


Once you have installed that, you can use it to unpack the compressed packages that mods and texture packs come in.

Finding the .minecraft Folder

If you've never tried to install a mod or texture pack before, chances are you don't know where the folder that contains all your Minecraft data is. The reason I even included this section is because the folder itself is hidden. You can find it one of two ways.

1) Open your start menu and in the search bar, type "%APPDATA%" exactly the way I've typed it here, just without the quotation marks. This should bring up a list of everything inside your APPDATA folder, which contains a folder called .minecraft. Open that up and you have everything that Minecraft is made of.


2) Change your computer's settings to allow viewing of hidden folders. In Windows, you can do this by going to control panel, switch to classic view, and go to folder settings. Under the view tab, change the option under hidden folders to allow viewing.

You can now see all your Minecraft data.

Installing Texture Packs

Standard Size (16x16) Texture Packs:

Nothing too complex here, simply take the rar file that your texture pack came in and put that entire rar file inside the "texture packs" folder in .minecraft. You're ready to go. Simply choose the pack you want to use from the convenient in game menu.

HD (32x32 or large) Texture Packs:

These require a little more work to install. First you have to open the rar file. Next, go to your .minecraft folder, open the folder called bin, and open the file "minecraft.jar" with winrar. Once you have these two winrar windows open, you'll need to drag everything from the rar file into minecraft.jar, putting anything that was in folders in the rar file into their respective folders in minecraft.jar. Once you've done that, close those windows.

Next, you'll need the HD Patcher, found here, : http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=46173

Run that program. Make sure that you have your minecraft.jar file selected in both the Orignal and Output fields. Then choose the correct resolution for the texture pack. Once it's done running, you can use your HD texture pack.

Continued in next post...
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User Info: IronSasquatch

6 years ago#2
Installing Mods


As there is no in-game support for mods yet, all mods need to be installed the same way you'd install an HD texture pack. Open the rar file and minecraft.jar, drag all the files into minecraft.jar, making sure they're in the correct folders.

There is one important step that was not in the HD texture packs. In order for most mods to work, you will need to delete a folder inside minecraft.jar called META-INF. If you don't delete this folder, minecraft will crash before it reaches the title screen.

Because of the nature of mods, every time the game updates, you'll not only need to reinstall the mods, you'll need to find the updated versions of them on the minecraft forums first. After updates it usually takes a week or so for modders to get their updated version of their mod out, assuming they're still active.

Uninstalling Mods

You may find that you've installed a mod incorrectly or that you don't want to have a particular mod any more. If for any reason you'd like a clean slate, all you have to do is navigate to your bin folder and delete the file called "version" within. The version folder keeps track of what version of Minecraft you have. Every time you start Minecraft, the game checks the version file, and if it's still the correct version, it starts the game. If that version file is missing, it immediately redownloads fresh versions of everything inside the bin folder, including minecraft.jar. This automatically uninstalls ALL your mods. If you had some mods that you want to keep, you will have to reinstall those.

Alright that should be everything to get you started installing mods and texture packs. I use Windows, so if you're running a Mac, I'm afraid I can't help you, so by all means, post that topic on the board.
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User Info: TheEvilMushroom

6 years ago#3
AAAH yes, i shall request a sticky for this. Why? Because this actually helpful in some cases.

Sticky please :D
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User Info: blahman2121

6 years ago#4
Sticky requested.

User Info: IronSasquatch

6 years ago#5
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User Info: cbelmontes

6 years ago#6
Sticky requested.

User Info: MegaCuban

6 years ago#7
bump stick requested
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User Info: IronSasquatch

6 years ago#8
Your body may be gone, I'm gonna carry you in in my head and in my heart, in my soul.

User Info: King_of_donkeys

6 years ago#9
An excellent guide. Sticky requested.
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User Info: th3_anti_n00b

6 years ago#10
nooooooooooooob! o.O GT: t3h b1g 4zn
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