So I found an ABOVE GROUND dungeon, next to the spawn...

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  3. So I found an ABOVE GROUND dungeon, next to the spawn...

User Info: drewpot2001

6 years ago#1
This is pretty weird... Just made a new world, only my 2nd one actually, and found this above-ground dungeon insanely close to the spawn.

The first pic of a bunch of random torches shows the spawn area, then I turned around and took a pic of the dungeon from there so you can see how close it is.


User Info: drewpot2001

6 years ago#2
Also I dug into the sand inside the dungeon and found an impressively huge cave system.

User Info: putnamehere3145

6 years ago#3
You're an idol, you can edit your posts.

User Info: drewpot2001

6 years ago#4
lol Took me a second to realize what you were talking about. I really didn't know that, guess I've never paid attention to the "Message Detail" functions before.

Thanks! :P

User Info: Koishi_Komeiji

6 years ago#5
What's the texture pack, out of curiosity?

User Info: azulmono55

6 years ago#6
Couple things:

1: What texture pack is that? Dat cobble, yo.

2: Isn't that a pig spawner? I smell a set up... >.>
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User Info: Skeletal_King

6 years ago#7
LOL it is a pig spawner.

The only way that would happen was if it was an older world.
I have a world was created waaaaaaay back in September, and there's a Monster Spawner nearby that spawns Skeletons, but inside the cage a Pig spins.

User Info: minecraft

6 years ago#8
On my SMP server where the map was generated early feb I found an above ground dungeon with the little spinny pig spawner in it.
Am I missing something about it being fake?

User Info: holyice7

6 years ago#9
That's not really 'above' ground, but I had the exact same situation the other day, but with an actual skeleton spawner. I went ahead and put a little sandstone pyramid over it, since I've always wanted to build out of sandstone.

But it is literally right behind the original spawn point. If I had taken five steps backward, I would have fallen right in.
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User Info: drewpot2001

6 years ago#10
lol People are so quick to call "FAKE!" on the internet.

1.) It's not fake.
2.) Pretty sure it's not really a pig spawner, as far as I know the game's still bugged and shows pigs even though it's not really a pig spawner
(I haven't experimented with it yet tho)

And I made the texture pack myself, haven't released it yet or anything. It's based on the graphics found in one of my projects. Seen here:
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  3. So I found an ABOVE GROUND dungeon, next to the spawn...

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