Interesting world seeds (share yours)

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User Info: Starloft

6 years ago#151
Hmm..., this could either just be my case or a random bug, but apparently deleting the most recently created world and creating a new one immediately somehow "mixes" both seeds, spawning you in a random area of the deleted map but continuing generating terrain using the new seed, causing a lot of chunk errors.
But again, it could just be my case.
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User Info: kc2go2

6 years ago#152
This one isn't as good as some of the others I found here, but "Minecraft" is a decent snow world seed. Didn't explore much, but south-east of the general spawn there are some nice pillars and a tiny floating island.
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User Info: Guns_A_Blazing

6 years ago#153
I was most surprised with the seed Indie, I was expecting it to be generic, but it's actually one of the cooler ones.
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User Info: DSifan

6 years ago#154
Here's a nice list of seeds to try:

Han shot first!
El Barto
X's Adventures
The cake is a lie

All of these would be great to test.
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User Info: aqualord29

6 years ago#155
Seed: 29

The most amazing thing I have found in minecraft naturally occurring. If you notice in the picture there is a cave on the wall kind of to the right in the picture, above the water. Very obvious. But, what is not obvious at all is a second cave, under the water, to the right of the cave shown. That cave is not filled with water at all. Coolest secret hideout ever!
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User Info: kc2go2

6 years ago#156
Seananners is actually a quite horrid world. I was thinking maybe that would be an awesome seed, but nope.
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User Info: ComedyCartoon

6 years ago#157
Has everyone tried "404"??? Its awesome. When you spawn look for a large patch of gravel, now dig= have fun :D it collapses into a cave going virtually straight down to lava.
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User Info: Robeezy

6 years ago#158
try Albion, head towards the desert and it is truly epic. Ive tried all the other seeds on here and it is my favorite one so far. Its just plain awesome

User Info: ReefaChiefa20

6 years ago#159
dajh is a big flat beach with a lava pool right next to the spawn.

User Info: deathtest

6 years ago#160
Try Glacier.
I ended up with **** huge mountains, over hangs and some floating islands.

And a random floating tower of earth with a tree on top and a sheep just running around atop it. Yay random animal spawns :3
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