this game screwed up my laptop

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User Info: flamejr123

6 years ago#1
i downloaded it and now all video on my laptop freezes
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User Info: ddrake2006

6 years ago#2
This game can't do anything to your laptop.

There's clearly something wrong with it though.

User Info: dratini360

6 years ago#3
**** DK64 or Earthbound on VC, I'm emulating that ****.
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User Info: __SomeEBfan__

6 years ago#4

User Info: SoulreaperX112

6 years ago#5
possibly he downloaded a non legit version off an unreliable site...
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User Info: thrashmetal59

6 years ago#6
You probably have some crappy HP laptop or some other brand that has crappy cooling and heat reduction and are now starting to experience the beginning stages of a GPU, CPU or entire Mobo failure.
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