Play multiplayer with one account?

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User Info: Mufufu_Master

6 years ago#11
blue_bomb posted...
You can still play with each other.

How, exactly? I have a similar problem.
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User Info: FoxMcweezer7

6 years ago#12
Geez, it's only 20. Lay off the pizza for one night and you have an everlasting account.

User Info: Sokajoe

6 years ago#13
When you login to Minecraft, you are logging in through a login server. Server then acknowledges your account, and you play. Trying to login one account through two clients will obviously never work.

The cost of Minecraft is so low, it's hilarious. Get another account.

User Info: Hott_Shott

6 years ago#14
It is possible actually..
(one of you will have to host the server)

You need to play via LAN on the same network.

You need to log into both pcs with your account..
This will unlock offline play.

On the one your friend is using you sign in but with some random name.. the option will appear asking to play OFFLINE. From there you just log into theI P of the server you are playing onEnjoy.
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User Info: Hott_Shott

6 years ago#15
One more thing I forgot:

You will log in with your account name so you will be visible with that name.
If your friend/nephew types in a name it will default to the name PLAYER because it will recognize that its not registered and give you that default name for offline play on that pc.

If you want to play with 3+ people you will still need to log in w/your name initially on each PC to unlock the OFFLINE option.

PC 1 - your ID
PC 2 - PLAYER (default)

If you attempt to log in to a 3rd PC using the PLAYER default one will get kicked off.

on the 3rd+ PCs you will need to use a program that modifies the Java String for the name PLAYER to a different name. There are instructions somewhere in this thread or on a different forum. Since I have multiple accounts I dont remember the steps but it IS possible for LAN/Offline.

Hope this helps.
XBL GT: Soren Wildheart
PSN: deMunoid

User Info: Hott_Shott

6 years ago#16
Just remembered, its called the Quick memory editor.
If you google it with minecraft you will find what you need to make it work.
Sorry for the late post I forgot all about this until today.
XBL GT: Soren Wildheart
PSN: deMunoid
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