Any mods that turn this game into a open world zombie survival?

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  3. Any mods that turn this game into a open world zombie survival?

User Info: Red_Chair

6 years ago#1
Let me just copy paste the best explanation of my dream game

No time limits, no plot devices, no crazy "super zombie" boss..
Just a massive open world where you have to actually be careful what you do. Where if you set off a car alarm, you have to either get the hell out of the area, or find a place to hide until the zombies move on. Where ammo is genuinely scarce and you have the opportunity to turn a house into a makeshift fort to buy you a couple days rest.
I want a game where it is possible to spot other survivors who aren't out there as plot devices, but rather there to either assist or use as bait.

User Info: tomma101

6 years ago#2
this is the minecraft board, just so 'ya know
I put the laughter in manslaughter
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User Info: banished09

6 years ago#3
get l4d(2)
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User Info: dutchvelocity

6 years ago#4
Why you care about small things? World very simple place. World only have two things: Things you can eat and things you no can eat. - Queena final fantasy 9

User Info: BlackMegadus

6 years ago#5
find mod with cars
find additional mod for cars to have "alarms if touched"
find weapon mod
find additional mod for ammo
find mods that have to be there to use above mods
find mod that makes every block a zombie spawner, but looks like terrain found in cities, mountains, deserts, oceans, forests, the sky, the nether, so on and so on.

Now put all of that without any readme's, guides, or howto's, try 5 times and then have minecraft update and break every single mod you have installed.

You're better off with gmod, or using a game engine to make your own game.
I read this in the voice of Cave Johnson, for some reason.

User Info: DragonboyBDC

6 years ago#6
Seriously. Get L4D(2).
If you really want a more realistic zombie survival in MineCraft, there's the Nightmare mod (improved mob trackfinding IIRC), More Dangerous Mobs (mobs can dig through softer material), plenty of apocalyptic texture packs (like Last Days, hell, you could even mix-and-match), mods that add more "modern" items such as vehicles, guns et cetera (SDK comes to mind), also, if you want to limit certain mobs (like removing squids and spiders for example) there's also a mod for that, although I can't recall the name of it. There are also plenty mods that add new weapons, if needed. Such as More Weapons mod, Baseball Bats mod and many more. If zombie survival in some randomly generated island gets old, there are more than enough apocalyptic city/town maps to choose from.
If you CAN combine most of those mods it should be pretty much L4D in Minecraft.
Good luck.

User Info: Multisensory

6 years ago#7
Dead Island
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User Info: stardust999

6 years ago#8
get l4d(2)

no crazy "super zombie" boss
Just a massive open world
ammo is genuinely scarce
turn a house into a makeshift fort

L4D's great at all, but it's not zombie survival, it's just zombie shooter.
Use your best judgment, but chances are, whatever I just said is a joke.

User Info: Red_Chair

6 years ago#9
ya Im not a fna of Left 4 Dead. I feel too badass with all my weapons and don't really feel like Im surviving, just killing for fun

User Info: slice3456

6 years ago#10
Keep an eye on that buddy.
I did not enjoy Psychonauts
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