Running Minecraft on an old computer

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User Info: silvershadow97

6 years ago#1
So i recenlty bought Minecraft, and it works fine on my Laptop, but when i tried to run it on an older desktop, it had an error message on the launcher "Bad video card driver" So i updated my video card driver on Dell's website and tried to run it agian. Same message. So i gave up, then one day i was on my desktop and i started up minecraft classic in my browser and it worked! Why won't the actual game work?

User Info: OldDirtyCR

6 years ago#2
what specs is your desktop? (Ram/video card name)

Classic is ridiculously old and completely different.

User Info: DarkFlow9

6 years ago#3
Is your java up to date? It may affect this.

User Info: chicago63

6 years ago#4
Either your Java's out of date, or you have video cards from 9 years ago that are covered in coffee stains and mold.

User Info: SaintZetsu

6 years ago#5

Do this. I had the same problem and it fixed it for me. If that fails then you just have a bad card.
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