modloader blackscreen help?

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User Info: poisontoxic

6 years ago#1
I'm a mod addict, and I know how to install mod. HOWEVER! I tried a fresh re-installed minecraft today (1.8.1), and when I install modloader 1.8.1, I get error saying "1 mod loader "modloader" and it blackscreen.

-New reinstalled minecraft
-No other mod besides modloader
-meta inf gone
- I know I did it right
-I'm using correct version (1.8.1)
- i put it in the jar just like all mods

Here's what I tried:

-Redeleted .Minecraft folder
-Reinstalled minecraft
-redownloaded modloader multiple times
-tried adfly and direct link for modloader
-Im lost

It gives me error after Mojang logo, which is wierd, because usually, errors shows up before mojang logo
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User Info: Binba442

6 years ago#2
Loads Of People have the same Problem Like Me
If U want mod Loader Get the Yogbox or the Technic PAck
Both Work fine for me and have the modlaoder in it.
resigami Is too lazy to fix this problem
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User Info: galla553

6 years ago#3
It sounds like you should have a modloader.txt file in your .minecraft folder. Reading that should help you identify the problem.
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User Info: Tai_Le_Ree

6 years ago#4
Check java/lang in yourminecraft.jar for modloader.class
If its there put it at the root of the minecraft.jar
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