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laptop requirements to play minecraft

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User Info: FreedomOfTought

5 years ago#1
Hi Guys

I have to buy a new laptop,and i'd like to play minecraft on it,what are the minimal requirements to be able to play it?even with close render distance and fast graphics,i don't care(or,better,i can't spend a lot)

Thx for the answers
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User Info: 7Nitro7Blazer7

5 years ago#2
It really depends on your definition of 'play'.

My cheapass laptop I got for taking notes can play it on normal, fast, but only about 20-30 FPS. The thing has an integrated graphics card.

If you want something GOOD you'll end up paying more.
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User Info: MizuUma

5 years ago#3
Depends when you buy it, if you buy it 2 years ago it might have a problem running it. But I'd say no problem with a current standard laptop.
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User Info: lord_zekrom

5 years ago#4
Any laptop with a fan prop up thing
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