best mob to grind EXP via spawner?

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User Info: Lee7

5 years ago#1
so no enderdragon, ghasts or spiders so what gives most exp? ATM Im using skeletons, but they like to kill themselfs, so?
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User Info: Blood_of_Sokar

5 years ago#2
Blazes give 10exp, whereas most other things give 5.

Look up Etho's Blaze Grinder Tutorial on Youtube. Easy to build. Worst part is just shutting down the spawner before you build.
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User Info: Lucky_XIII_1991

5 years ago#3
Well if you're looking for a pre nether grinder, look up coestar, his most recent bids have a zombie gringer. Bonus is you can eat rotten flesh when you get hungry
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User Info: ElementalWind

5 years ago#4
Why no spiders?
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User Info: HaywoodJBM

5 years ago#5
Me and my friends have a zombie spawner atm. I dont know what setup he uses, but when they are dropped into our grinding area, that have 1/2 heart left, and they keep spawning. We all just go afk there for like 10 minutes at a time, then kill all the zombies and go up like 10+ levels :D
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User Info: pstwoorbust

5 years ago#6
I personally use pigmen, tons of them available all the time, and you get both rotten flesh *to keep the fight going for way longer* as well as gold nuggets *alchemy ingredient/ 1/9 of a gold bar*
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User Info: ThJok3r

5 years ago#7
My friend found two dungeons connected to each other, a skeleton spawner and a zombie spawner. So he has the water flow take them down a hole and we throw explosive potions to kill them off. It's pretty fun.
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