Im so happy you can use a Xbox 360 or PS3 controller!!!

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  3. Im so happy you can use a Xbox 360 or PS3 controller!!!

User Info: Omnipherant

5 years ago#1
just yesterday i manage to use my PS3 controller to play this awesome game on my mac. Its AMAZING! now i can relax on my bed and not worry of getting wrist pains after a certain amount of time. Now i don't have to wait for this stupid Xbox 360 release that you want be able to use mods or texture packs.
Now i can truly relax while playing minecraft.
Before i didn't play much minecraft because it was uncomfortable to hunch over on a mouse and keyboard to play such a relaxing game.

I post this so others who where like me and oblivious that you could use your PS3 controller or Xbox 360 to play minecraft could benefit from this amazing new way of playing.

its a bit tedious to set up everything but totally worth it. I'll be watching this post and can help anyone who wants and i will direct them to good links and instructions on how to set up your controller with some software for free

User Info: tyrus1235

5 years ago#2
Wow! o.o I totally needed that sorta thing!

If there's one thing that Minecraft gave me, was wrist pains. A LOT.

That said, I have many PS3 controllers and have been using them on some other PC games... never stopped to think I could use them on Minecraft!

Is there a set up on the pause menu? Because I'm totally gonna try playing it with my PS3 controller!
"I hate haters." :)

User Info: HaywoodJBM

5 years ago#3
I would like a link on how to set-up a 360 controller
this guy sounds like someone I want to punch in the dick-gtaking5
Minecraft IGN: MottoScotto

User Info: Omnipherant

5 years ago#4
ok hold on guys let me find the links. No there is no setup on the minecraft game itself. there is another program that sets up your controller as a mouse and keyboard buttons

User Info: Omnipherant

5 years ago#5
i thinks its easier going here:

and in the search bar type in PS3 controller or xbox 360 controller
just hunt around and read the posts its really helpfull

just enter in the search of the forum of minecraft what controller you have and windows or mac

but the basic steps are

1. go here and download the driver for whatever controller you have and System:

2. download the program that will code your mouse and buttons on your controller either xpadder, or controllermate. i dont have a link but you can find a bunch either in the minecraft official website or on youtube.

3. find and download a coded minecraft control setup or do it yourself for whatever program you are using xpadder or controllermate.

User Info: Omnipherant

5 years ago#6
at the beginning i searched youtube which helped a lot then minecraft website. it can be done and its really worth it. it took me about like 2 solid hours and i'm a total noob.

User Info: tyrus1235

5 years ago#7
Hmm, sounds a bit complicated...

idk, guess I'll just stay with mouse and keyboard
"I hate haters." :)

User Info: NicoC96

5 years ago#8
Wrist pains? Go out and buy a wrist rest thing or a better keyboard. I never get wrist pains and I have been know to game for at least 5 hours straight.

User Info: VeiledGenesis

5 years ago#9
Keyboard and mouse will be forever the best control mechanism combination known to man. - How To Welch On Bets

User Info: diablo_loco

5 years ago#10
anyone wanting a simple solution to try using a controller

1. connect and turn on your controller.

2. use this link and open

3. open and play Minecraft!
Playing: Fallout: New Vegas, CoD:MW3, Minecraft
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  3. Im so happy you can use a Xbox 360 or PS3 controller!!!

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