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User Info: ThePlasmaStorm

5 years ago#1

The long overdue V4 version of the Minecraft Newbie's Guide is finally here! This version contains more general and newbie information about Minecraft compared to the other versions.

At over 6500 words and typing the word "Minecraft" over 70 times, this guide is the definite newbie guide to Minecraft. It is so big I need to post a whole two messages!

Excuse me for any grammatical or spelling errors. It was only proofreaded once.


This guide is up to date with game version 1.0.0 aka "Official".

This guide covers the most basic of Minecraft; enough so that anyone that has never heard of Minecraft, whether they are an adamant gamer or a first time casual player, could easily pick up and play Minecraft after reading or during their read of this guide. For more in depth information about Minecraft, including the many, many things not included in this guide, visit the official Minecraft Wiki, located at www.minecraftwiki.net.


First Timer's FAQ

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game developed by a team of Swedish developers known as Mojang. The game itself has no plot or story and is entirely player driven. Most of the Minecraft world is created on the spot by the game itself, so no two worlds will look exactly alike and will never by played in the same way (unless you delve into map seeding, but more on that later). The Minecraft world is considered infinite and is impossible to circumnavigate, making for a possibly endless amount of gameplay just from one map.

Most of the objects you will find and create in Minecraft look like perfectly cubic blocks. Almost all of the blocks are not affected by gravity, meaning that they will not fall if there is nothing to support it. This simple mechanic allows Minecrafters to create stunning sculptures and buildings, leading to what some may call "Lego Art", or in this case, Minecraft Art.

For more basic information about Minecraft, visit its official website at www.minecraft.net.


Is Minecraft Free?

A very basic version of Minecraft called Classic, can be found at www.minecraft.net/classic/play. It is free to play and requires no payment or registration whatsoever. In this version, there is no survival aspect and the world is finite. In classic, you are given an infinite amount of blocks to create things with. If all you want to do in Minecraft is create unique sculptures or buildings, go there and have fun. Classic will probably never be upgraded from its current state as its latest update was about three years ago.

There is also a Minecraft demo, found at www.pcgamer.com/2011/04/19/download-the-minecraft-demo This version of the game is based on an older version of Minecraft. There is no restriction on the demo version of Minecraft, as everything you can do in the full game, you can do in the demo (apart from things added since the demo came out). There is a catch though; the demo basically has a ninety minute time limit before it locks itself and basically becomes unplayable. If you want to play the game and test the waters before you spend the money to buy the full version, this is perfect for you.

Although this guide covers the main full version game, many aspects of it apply the demo version as well, if you wish to try it out beforehand.


How much does Minecraft cost?

€19.95. That is in Euros, the unified currency for most of Europe. For a currency exchange calculator to your local currency, visit  www.xe.com/ucc. Enter 19.95 as the amount and make sure the "From" label is in Euros. Then find your local currency in the "To" label and click convert.

As of this writing, Minecraft costs 25.36 USD (United States Dollars), 16.45 GBP (British Pounds), and 26.09 CAD (Canadian Dollars). Note that currency exchange rates change all the time, so any currency conversion (including this guide's) may only be accurate for a short time before changing again.


What are the system requirements for Minecraft?

Minecraft has no officially posted system requirements by the developers. The only absolute requirement is having Java installed. Due to this, Minecraft can run on Macintosh, Windows, and Linux. Java 7 is recommended and is found here at www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html. Downloading the JDK version is recommended but not required.

The general consensus of the community state that other recommended system requirements for this game include at least an Intel i3 processor or its AMD equivalent, a dedicated video card (Intel Integrated Video Cards need not apply), at least 2 GB of ram, and 500mb of Hard Drive space.

You do not have that? It is okay. There are no minimum system requirements apart from Java being installed, but do not expect silky smooth gameplay. Minecraft is particularly CPU intensive due to the unique way it generates the world on the spot. Expect lagging issues but the game is still very much playable.


Does Minecraft have multiplayer?

Yes. In fact, one of the most popular aspects of Minecraft is its multiplayer. There are many servers out there to suit your Minecrafting needs. They range from the basic vanilla (unmodified) version of the game to including many server mods such as god mode or infinite explosives and then some. Always pay attention to any server's rules, as breaking them may make you banned from them forever. Many servers are advertised on this board right here and on the Official Minecraft Forums, found at www.minecraftforum.net/forum/45-minecraft-survival-servers. Look around and find one you like.

I personally recommend that you go play around in single player before attempting to go online to at least get a handle on how to play Minecraft.


Can you mod Minecraft?

Yes, and in fact, the modding of Minecraft is recommended by some. There have been thousands of mods created for Minecraft so far. The main place to find them is at www.minecraftforum.net/forum/51-minecraft-mods.

Because mods are not officially supported by Mojang, every time Minecraft updates, if you want to continue playing with your mods, you will have to wait for the individual mod creators to update their mod to work with the updated Minecraft version. Very rarely will an unupdated version of a mod work with a newer version of Minecraft and attempting to play the game as such may result in Minecraft not even booting up. This is why it is recommended by modders to hold off updating your Minecraft (and, in fact, you are given the option by the game itself asking if you want to update your game yet) for a few days until the mod creators update their mods as well.

Again, I personally recommend not delving into most mods until you know how to play the vanilla game as many add new features or even remove some from the game itself.


The Main Guide

Creating Your World

Woah! Hold on there slick. Are you sure about that? People have wasted centuries of their lives on this game and you are just going to let that happen to you? Alright. That is fine with me. Double click on that minecraft.exe, wherever you dropped it. Playing the web version of the game on the main website is okay as well, but playing on the client allows a better experience. Note that the website version and the downloaded version are the same thing.

After you log in and let the game download packages, I recommend any beginning Minecrafter to play their first few ingame days on peaceful, basically making the game not spawn any enemies. Enemies in Minecraft are very aggressive and relentless and give the game a very high learning curve. By lowering that learning curve, newbies like you will have an easier time learning the game. Of course, it is your game, and you do not have to listen to anything I say. Feel free to just dive in the game and have fun whenever you want.

Anyways, once you are in the main menu, click options and then click the difficulty button until it reads peaceful. If you are sure that you can take the pain, feel free to select easy or stay at normal difficulty, but note that my guide will not cover enemies until much later. Then click done and click single player. Create a new world.

There are three modes of gameplay in Minecraft.

The first is creative. In this mode you have godmode and all blocks are popped in one hit. Every item in the game is also given to you free of charge so the emphasis of the game becomes creating sculptures and buildings, not hunting and surviving. This mode is the updated version of classic.

The second, and the main focus of this guide is survival mode. In the mode you can die and all blocks take a normal amount time to pop.

Hardcore is the third mode. It is the exact same thing as survival mode but the game is locked on the hardest difficulty setting and you only have one life. If you die, your world is automatically deleted.

If you click on the "More World Options" button, you will find the seed option. Seeds are the only way for one Minecrafter to have the same exact map as another Minecrafter. There are many seeds available online ripe for the picking. Some spawn you on an island and others spawn you in the middle of a bunch of resources. This forum has many well known seeds as well. Look for them. Another place to find seeds is at www.minecraftforum.net/forum/50-seeds. Note that playing on a specific seed is not necessary or required. If no seed is entered, a random seed is selected.


Tree Punching

This large section of the guide will cover the control scheme of Minecraft, basic mechanics, as well as basic crafting and survival skills.

Are any of these instructions too complicated to follow? Feel free to PM me.

Note: Important control schemes will be highlighted by asterisks (*).

Welcome to Minecraft. Look around. The world is yours for the taking. You can do whatever you want in whatever way you want.

*** Remember: The space bar makes you jump. You may hold it to do continuous jumping. ***

*** Remember: The shift key makes you crouch. Crouching makes you move slower as well as enable you to not fall off edges. Note that if you let go of shift while being too close to an edge, you will fall down. ***

*** Remember: Double tapping "w" and then holding the key after the first tap will allow you to sprint. Do note that sprinting makes you very hungry (explained much later). ***

The first thing you must realize is that you can easily get lost in your Minecraft world. Always find someway to mark your surroundings or at least try to remember where you are going, because when you die, if you die, you respawn at your spawn point. At first, there is no way to change your spawn point, so remember it. Way later in the game, you will be able to craft a bed. Sleeping at a bed sets the spawn point there as well. All items you were holding will be dropped when you die and you have approximately five minutes to pick them up before they disappear forever. How are you supposed to pick them up when you do not even know where you died? Always keep this in mind.

Find a tree. Any tree. It may be a pine tree, a birch tree; it does not matter. Now what I want you to do is point your crosshair at the tree's trunk and hold left click. That is right. You are punching a tree with your fist. Eventually, the tree trunk will "pop" and you will hear a distinctive popping sound. The block will pop out and a miniature version will appear. You can grab this miniature version and you now are the proud owner of a block of wood. Congratulations.

*** Remember: You must hold left click on an object to pick it up. ***

See how you are holding the block of wood in your hands and how there is the block of wood in your hotbar? This is important.

Note: If at anytime you stop holding left click before a block pops, you will not break it at all.

Keep on doing this. Punch all the wood out of the tree. Does the tree trunk go up so high it is now out of your reach? No problem. Even if the tree is low enough to punch out all of its wood, you should still do this as a general tutorial. Look at the ground near you and punch out some dirt. Move directly under the tree trunk. Select the dirt block by scrolling using your mouse's wheel and moving it up to go left and down to go right. If you do not have a mouse with a wheel or are using a touchpad on your laptop, you may also press the numbers 1 through 9 on your keyboard to select what items to use.

After you figured out the complicated task of selecting a block of dirt, aim your crosshair at the ground beneath the tree trunk. You should see a small black box around ground. This highlights which block you are looking at or interacting with. Then right click and the dirt block will magically appear where you placed it. You may now jump on top of the dirt block and continue your tree massacring.

*** Remember: If you are holding a block, you will place it where you pointed it with a right click. ***

You may have picked up a few saplings from the trees. When a tree's trunk is punched out, the leaves start disappearing. Some leaves drop saplings. Highlight them in your hotbar and right click them on dirt to plant them. After a few ingame days, the baby saplings will grow up into a tree. Talk about being renewable! Note that you must plant saplings for trees to grow. Simply not picking up the saplings will not grow any trees.


Learn to Tower

Now this is the most important part to learn. I call it "towering" and it is the best way to reach things that are too high. Take this as another tutorial. I want you to stand still and look at the ground at your feet. This is the most important part. It is essential that you do not move at all. Select the wood blocks you grabbed and hold space to continuously jump. Then hold right click. By doing this, you are slowing moving yourself upwards. Towering works by jumping to clear enough distance to place a block below you. Afterwards, gravity will make you fall to the block you just placed. The process then repeats until you stop it. To un-tower, look at the wood and hold left click to punch all the wood out.

*** Remember: To "tower", look directly at the ground, hold a block that can be placed, and hold space and right click at the same time. ***



Are you ready? You are going to learn how to craft. Press "e" on your keyboard to bring up your inventory screen. If you were following the guide, you should see all the wood and dirt you punched. Left click on the wood with your mouse. You are now holding it with your mouse pointer. Move the wood to the little 2x2 grid near the picture of your person. It does not matter which quadrant of the grid you place the wood in (though for some crafts it does matter where you place what). Anyways, on the other side of the arrow, you should see what are called "wooden planks". Do not worry! Nothing has been crafted yet. By left clicking on the wooden planks, you confirm that, "Yes, I do want to craft this block of wood into wooden planks." Place the wooden planks anywhere in your inventory. One block of wood gives you four wooden planks. Remember though, you cannot "uncraft" something. Whatever is crafted is crafted forever. Imagine if you can turn a cake back into flour and sugar. It is not possible.


More Control Scheme Goodness

Now let us learn more about the control scheme of Minecraft. If you move something out of the inventory window, you are throwing it away. Try it right now. Alternatively, by pressing "q" on your keyboard outside of the inventory screen you are throwing away what you are holding. Just because you throw something away does not mean it is gone forever… yet. Assuming you stay in the same general area, you have about five minutes to pick up what you throw away before the game makes it disappear forever.

*** Remember: To throw something away, move it out of the inventory if you are in the inventory or press the q key if you are outside of your inventory. ***

Go out of the inventory screen by pressing e again and go find another tree to punch out. Collect about ten wood. Afterwards, go back to your inventory screen and move the wood to your crafting grid. Instead of left clicking the planks, you will, this time, left click more than once. Go ahead. Do it three or four times. Notice how the counter of planks is going up by four every time. Every time you click on the planks you are confirming that you agree to craft it. Minecraft just makes it easier for you to craft by allowing you to craft and stack the planks at the same time. Most items stack up to 64, some only stack up to 16, and some others cannot be stacked at all (meaning that if you want to craft more than one of it, you will need to place it back in your inventory one at a time before crafting another one).

Go ahead and punch the wood out of some more trees. Once you have gathered more than ten blocks of wood again, then go back to your inventory window and drag the wood back into the crafting grid. This time, you are going to shift-left click on the wooden planks. See what that did? You auto-confirmed that you are going to craft away ALL of your wood into wooden planks.

*** Remember: To auto-confirm the whole stack of what you are crafting, press shift-left click. ***

You are now going to create sticks out of the planks. Move your mouse pointer over the stack of 64 wooden planks and right click on it. Notice how you split the stack in half. How useful!

*** Remember: Split a stack in half right click the stack. ***

Move the stack of planks to either the bottom left or the bottom right quadrant of the crafting grid. Take the other 32 planks and move it above the stack you just placed. See? I told you placement sometimes matters. Assuming you have planks lined up in a 1x2 rectangle, you should now see sticks on the other side of the arrow. Craft a couple of sticks. 16 is plenty enough.

Note that sticks are items, not blocks. You cannot place a stick on the ground like how you can place dirt on the ground. Again, they are items and not blocks. Most blocks are easy to identify from items due to their cubic shape. And just to confuse you more, some items are able to be placed on the ground.

The next thing you are going to craft now is a crafting table, which is essential to craft many other things due to its larger 3x3 crafting grid. The entire game cannot be about sticks and planks, now can it?

User Info: ThePlasmaStorm

5 years ago#2

Assuming you did not craft away your entire supply of planks into sticks, left click a pile of planks and then right click it into any quadrant of the grid. Notice how you only dropped a single plank into the grid instead of the entire stack?

*** Remember: To drop a single item out of a stack, first pick up the stack and then right click. ***

Fill the entire crafting grid with one plank apiece (basically a 2x2 square shape) and then drop off the rest of your stack back into the inventory. A crafting table should appear on the other side of the arrow. Move it to your hotbar, get out of the inventory screen, and place it anywhere on the ground. You remember how to place blocks right? Right click the ground.


Crafting Tools

You are now going to learn how to craft tools. Tools are essential items that make your life in Minecraft much easier. They can help you attack enemies, cut trees faster, mine, and much more. By right clicking on the crafting table, you enter its crafting screen.

Special Note: No matter what, right clicking on any block that can be interacted with, such as crafting tables, will interact with it. Minecraft will NEVER place the block you are holding on top, on bottom, or to the side of it. You will always interact with it with a right click.

Notice the similarity to the standard crafting screen, as well as the larger 3x3 crafting area.

There are four essential tools in Minecraft. All swords deal more damage to enemies than your fists ever would, leading to them dying much faster. Prolonged fights in Minecraft are not recommended.

A pickaxe lets you mine certain blocks. You may have seen gray blocks in your adventures so far. If you tried to punch them, you will notice that they take way longer to punch than any other block so far, such as dirt and wood. And then after you punch through it, nothing pops out! This is because you were not using a pickaxe and that block you tried to punch was made out of stone. It is a good thing your hands are not destroyed already. Using a pickaxe enables you to mine such blocks with ease and even allows you to pick them up afterwards.

A shovel allows you to shovel stuff faster. Even though punching dirt takes about a second, you can do it faster. A shovel allows this. Only a few certain blocks take advantage of the shovel's decreased digging rate, such as dirt, sand, and gravel.

An axe (not to be confused with the word "ask") is the most basic of all the tools. It simply allows you to cut down trees faster.


Anyways, the scheme to create those four tools are as followed:

To craft an axe: i56.tinypic.com/28gw1ub.gif

To craft a pickaxe: i52.tinypic.com/xojdwn.gif

To craft a shovel: i54.tinypic.com/24f9xz5.gif

To craft a sword: i54.tinypic.com/raz32f.gif


Note: The images cycle through all the different materials to create the tool. You are simply creating the wooden version of the tool. Go ahead and create all four tools. Collect more wood if necessary.


Tool Materials and Durability

As stated above, there are many different materials that tools are made out of. For all tools, they affect their durability, how long they last before being destroyed. Golden tools are destroyed the fastest, followed by wood, stone, iron, and finally, diamond.


The durability chart (from least to most uses):

Gold (33 uses) < Wood (66 uses) < Stone (132 uses) < Iron (251 uses) < Diamond (1562 uses)


Durability is decreased by using the tool. Cutting one block of wood with an axe decreases its durability by one. It is advised to only use a tool for the purpose it was meant for. For example, hacking at a tree trunk with a shovel will not only take as much time as using your fists, but the shovel's durability will also decrease by two instead of one, making the shovel be destroyed twice as fast.

Now by looking at the durability flowchart, gold seems all but useless. This is only partially true. Gold has been imbued with the power to do work the fastest, even faster than diamond! Sadly, their small durability still makes them mostly useless.


The speed chart (from slowest to fastest):

Wood < Stone < Iron < Diamond < Gold


Tools can be repaired! To repair a tool, combine two of the same tool and material (combining a gold shovel with another gold shovel is okay while combining a gold shovel with an iron axe or an iron shovel is not) anywhere in your crafting grid. Minecraft will add up their durability, combine the tool, and then a little more depending on the material. Because of this, it is generally advised to repair tools that are both worn below halfway. The repair math is easy to show. Basically, you add up the durabilities of both items, and add 2 for gold, 6 for wood, 12 for stone, 24 for iron, and 155 for diamond.


The Furnace

You may notice that it is getting dark and it is hard to see anything. That problem could be remedied with a torch. To build a torch you need either coal or charcoal (both are treated as basically the same thing in the game). If you were lucky enough to find coal already, then good for you buddy. If not, you can turn wood into coal with a furnace. To build a furnace you need eight pieces of cobblestone. Chances are, while excavating your base, you ran into stone already and probably have cobblestone. If not, run around with your pickaxe on the surface until you find a gray block. It may be under the ground, near ponds, above your head, near a cliff face, etc. They are not rare blocks whatsoever and should be easy to find.

After you find eight cobblestone, go to your crafting table and arrange then in an O pattern (basically filling in every square except the one in the middle). You now have a furnace. Plop that baby anywhere you want (preferably near your base). A furnace works in a very simple way. You simply place the fuel on the bottom area and place the thing you want to cook on the top. Each piece of fuel gives cooking time. It takes exactly ten seconds to cook one thing. If your fuel runs out of cooking time before your item is completely cooked, the item will not be cooked at all and those 1-9 seconds will be completely wasted. So always make sure you have enough cooking time to cook the item.


The cooking time chart (from least to most cooking time):

Saplings and sticks (5 s) < All other wood based objects (such as planks, chests, crafting tables, etc) and huge mushroom blocks (15 s) < Coal/charcoal (80 s) < Blaze rod (120 s) < Bucket of lava (1000 s)


Therefore, if you want to cook a stack of 64 objects, one of the most efficient fuels is a stack of 8 coal/charcoal.

Anyways, go out into the world and cut down some more tree trunks. Do NOT craft them into planks! Place a couple of planks as the fuel source (the bottom box) and place the wood blocks to be cooked (the top box). After ten seconds you have a piece of charcoal. Making a torch is simple. Just place the charcoal on top of a stick in a 1x2 pattern. Place torches by right clicking the side or top of most blocks. Torches emanate light, enabling you to see in the darkness as well as repelling enemies.


I Hunger!

If you are not playing on peaceful, and even if you are, this is good information to know. Note that in peaceful, the food bar does not drain. If you are not playing on peaceful, by now you probably noticed a nice looking drumstick bar to your right. This is your food bar and represents how hungry your character is. Chances are that you are starving or are near starving. This is not good for your character. If you have below 3 drumsticks, you are starving and cannot sprint. If you have 0 drumsticks, you will start dying (literally) because your health will slowly drain. If you have or are above 9 drumsticks, you are well fed and actually slowly gain health. Being well fed is one of the only ways to gain back health lost in Minecraft.

So how do you gain back hunger? You eat things. By now you should have noticed all the peaceful animals running amuck. Go kill a few of them with your wooden sword. Do not go all careless and massacre them all. Animals rarely respawn! Chickens give chicken meat, feathers (to make arrows), and eggs (to bake cakes). Pigs give pork chops. Cows give leather (to create rudimentary armor) and beef. Sheep does not give you mutton, but it does give you wool, essential in crafting a bed. To cook the meats you place it in the furnace. To eat food, you hold right click while holding the food. Your character must finish the entire animation to actually eat it. Eating a nibble does not count for anything.

*** Remember: To eat hold right click while holding food. ***

Perhaps you are desperate enough to eat raw meat? This is not only disgusting but it may give you food poisoning, which actually LOWERS your food bar even lower. Of course, it only has a chance to happen. If you happen to not catch food poisoning, the raw meat will replenish a portion of your food bar.

While killing animals you may also notice small glowing orbs pop out of the animals. This is experience. The green bar above your hotbar moves towards the right. This is your experience bar. If the bar moves all the way to the right, you gain one enchantment level. Enchantment is one of the endgame mechanics of the game and is outside the scope of this guide. Feel free to look it up on the wiki.


Building a Base

All Minecrafters know that one of the most important things to do in Minecraft is marking your territory much like how a dog pees on every tree he or she sees. But us Minecrafters are much more civilized than that. We build underground bunkers. Remember what I said about spawn points earlier? Go back to your spawn point and craft four ladders and a trap door. A ladder is crafted by placing seven sticks in your crafting table in a capital H pattern. A trapdoor is created by placing planks in your crafting table in a 3x2 pattern, kind of like a hot dog. If you see that you created a door, flip your pattern 90 degrees.

Another useful thing to craft is a bed. Assuming you killed enough sheep to gather three pieces of wool (the color of the wool does not matter), follow the trapdoor pattern, but replace the three pieces of plank on the top area with your three pieces of wool. Place that bed anywhere. You can only sleep in a bed at night. Sleeping in a bed instantly changes the game to the daytime and saves your spawn point.

Building an underground base is easy as memorizing the quadratic formula! First, place a wooden plank anywhere near that spawn point of yours. Next, place the trap door with a right click by clicking any side of the plank you just placed. Right click the trap door to open or close it. Simple, right? While facing the plank you placed, Keep that trap door open while you dig four blocks down directly below the trap door. Down below the earth, turn 180 degrees (so your back should be facing the plank you placed above). Place all four ladders on this side of your hole. If the game does not allow you to do this, take a couple of steps back (hint: press the "s" key) and try again. To climb up and down ladders, simply move into them and your character will automatically climb up. To climb down a ladder, do not move and your character will slowly climb down.

Assuming that you followed those instructions correctly, turn 180 degrees again (so your back will be facing the ladders) and start breaking all the blocks near the ladder but do not break the blocks directly touching the ladder, as breaking those blocks will remove the ladder as well. A nice 5x5 area is cozy enough, especially when you are living underground. Note that your character is two blocks high, so make sure to accommodate that.


Mining and Crafting

*** Golden rule about mining: Never mine a block that you are next to. This includes the eight blocks to your sides and the two on top and below you. Always be at least one block away from the block you are mining because you may inexpertly hit a block that has lava next to it, which can burn and kill you. Being at least one block away gives you enough time to safely get away from it. ***

After you are done building your base, go craft some chests to place your precious items in. The chest recipe is the same as the furnace recipe. Just replace the cobblestone with planks. You may place two chests side by side to make a larger chest. Other than that, you may not place chests next to each other. There also must by one block of air directly above the chest to be able to open it. Chests are very important in Minecraft. They enable you to store your items in them and they do not disappear if you die.

Finally! You are going to mine in Minecraft. Grab your wooden pickaxe, or if it has broken already, its stone upgrade, and start mining a staircase. Inside your base slowly move downwards in a staircase pattern. Mine both blocks in front of you. Then mine the one block below that. Move down one step. Repeat.

While mining down, you may start to find some stone that has some specks of black or other colors in it. This is ore. Unique to pickaxes, only certain pickaxe materials can mine certain ores. If you try to mine an ore with an underqualified pickaxe it will take very long to break and you will not get any ore out of it. To turn the ore into ingots, you must smelt it in the furnace.


The pickaxe mining chart:

Diamond can mine everything.

Iron can mine everything except obsidian.

Stone can mine everything except obsidian, diamond, gold, and redstone.

Wood and gold can only mine coal and stone.


Eventually, you may come across a natural underground cave. These are automatically generated and are very maze like and may be very large. Be wary of exploring these caves as you can easily get lost in them and, as mentioned above, if you die, you lose everything you are carrying. If you do not know where you died, you pretty much lost those items forever. An easy way to keep track of where you are in a cave you are exploring is to place torches on either the left or right wall of the cave ONLY. This way you know that you are backtracking if you see torches on the other side of the wall. Another way is to make landmarks of where you are. Create something simple, such as a couple of pieces of cobblestone. Since Minecraft never spawns cobblestone naturally and is only placed by the character, you know that this is where you were before.

You can also make an emergency escape out of a cave, but it is very risky and may result in untimely death. It may also take over 64 of your mined blocks to work. The basis of the emergency escape is to tower inside the cave. Using the pickaxe, chip upwards one block at a time at the ceiling while towering upwards as well.


Enabling Enemies

At this point, you got the main basis of the game. Dig dig dig, craft craft craft, mine mine mine. It is simple, really. You are now ready to go to either easy or normal difficulty. Enabling enemies has its advantages, as certain items needed to go further in the game exclusively drop from enemies and enemies only. Enemies only spawn in areas of low lighting. This means they can often be found at night, under ledges, in caves, and even under trees during the daytime if it is particularly rainy.


Here is a bestiary of some of the more common enemies in the game. It is not inclusive.

Spiders: They look like spiders, can jump high, and even scale walls.

Zombies: A green looking humanoid. The most basic of the hostile enemies. All it does is follow you around and try to whack you with its arms.

Skeletons: Looks like your standard skeleton creature. One of the more annoying enemies. Shoots arrows at you.

Creepers: A four legged green abomination. As annoying as they are scary, creepers are silent predators. They make no footstep sounds. Creepers do not attack you directly. Instead, they come up from behind or flank you from the side. You know a creeper is right besides you if you hear the characteristic sizzle sound it makes. It then explodes, knocking out a huge portion of your health and making a nice sized crater where it exploded. Always watch your back and look out for creepers.

Endermen: Tall lanky black colored creatures from another world. Are arguably the hardest enemy to kill, they are initially neutral towards you. They only aggro if you place your crosshair directly on their body, and then it is on! They teleport behind you or to the side of you and try to hit you with their fists. Every time you hit them, they teleport again behind you. You then must turn around and counter their strikes. Even worse is the aggroing of one endermen will also aggro all the endermen around him. They have one weakness though; water. By simply swimming in the middle of a large pool of water, they will teleport into it and hurt themselves (endermen touching water take damage).


Defending Yourself

Now the ideal weapon to fight these enemies is your sword. By holding right click with a sword out, you will enter a blocking stance. By blocking, you take half the damage you would take if you were not blocking otherwise.

*** Remember: To block, hold a sword and hold right click. ***

Having some defense can also help against enemies. Sadly there is no shield in the game, but there are helmets, chest plates, leggings, and boots. Like tools, armor has durability and can be repaired in the same way tools can. Unlike armor though, there are only four materials for armor: leather, gold, iron, and diamond.


To craft a helmet: i41.tinypic.com/28u69nl.gif

To craft a chest plate: i39.tinypic.com/30ws84j.gif

To craft leggings: i43.tinypic.com/mw7i83.gif

To craft boots: i44.tinypic.com/6gbktd.gif


Armor can be mixed and matched (such as wearing a leather helmet with diamond boots)

The amount of uses armor has is more complicated than tools and the explanation is outside the scope of this guide.


The durability chart is as follows: Leather < Gold < Iron < Diamond.


Be Free

That is it. This is the end of the guide. We have gone over a lot of things and you are free to keep rereading this if you want to. There are many many things that we have not gone over. Minecraft has a large following around the globe and you are free to explore the online community at any time. Keep having fun and exploring, and do not forget about Herobrine!



Official Website: www.minecraft.net

Official Forums: www.minecraftforum.net/forum

Official Wiki: www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Minecraft_Wiki

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You did an amazingly good job, TPS. Well done.
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Awesome guide.
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I applaud you, good sir.
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I find it really annoying when people just shamelessly advertises their youtube channels on every last possible place...Anyway, really good guide! If I had just started playing this would be really helpful!
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