Minecraft Forge (what is it?)

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User Info: Ultrakill876x

5 years ago#1
Since pretty much a majority of mods need minecraft modloader, modloadermp, and other ones to work, I've begun to see "forge" versions of minecraft mods........wtf is forge in minecraft (a mod, or.......what exactly)

I checked out the secret rooms mod and saw it had a forge version, so that's why im wanting to know about it here
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User Info: the_rowan

5 years ago#2
Well, Forge was originally designed as a mod API that allowed modders to go past the 256 block index limit and to help prevent conflicting IDs between mods. I'm sure it has some other tweak too; not totally familiar with what it does. With the introduction of thousands more block IDs into vanilla minecraft, one of its main functions is now redundant, but it does still let modders pack a ton of block types into a single ID and it still can automatically assign every block type to a different index when starting a new world.
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User Info: NicoC96

5 years ago#3
It is a mod API that makes sure no 2 blocks have the same ID, at least that is what it did when I read about it.
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