Hack Slash Mine mod

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User Info: Kanuckels

5 years ago#1
Last night I came across this mod called Hack Slash Mine. I haven't gotten far into it but it seems like it takes some elements from dungeon crawler RPGs and mixes it into a minecraft theme. Off the bat you choose from either a mage, ranger, or warrior class and as you level you unlock new spells and abilities, and the chance to obtain new magical gear and weapons. I think I read somewhere about it having 60 or more new monsters. it has an atmosphere unlike any other mod I've seen so far and I thought I might as well share it here. At this point I think its in alpha stages and a bit buggy. Its available through the technic launcher so its pretty easy to get started. :)
I'll link to the technic launcher although I'm sure most of you know where thats at.


User Info: Mufufu_Master

5 years ago#2
It's really cool in concept, but needs more development in its stat system and classes.
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