Yogbox - Holy mother.. epic monster is epic I can't kill it!

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User Info: TheNeckbeard

5 years ago#1
There was a HUGE tower next to my house.. I got geared in full iron so thought I'd brave checking it out. As I got close I realized this thing was made of Moss stone... so much moss stone. I may harvest this stuff later.. upon getting inside I discoverd this was like a multi level monster spawn/treasure area. Each level holding a a chest with a bunch of mobs..

Inside most of these I'm finding artifacts... i'll have to see what these are all for but I've saved them all. After a few deaths I get near the top and the last chest inside was full of tons of diamond tools.. I also got 2 pieces of Chain Mail which I've never seen before either. I realized at this point there was still a stair case leading to the roof...

As I get up on the roof I literally jump a bit in my PC chair, as I'm staring at a man shaped GIANT stone brick Golem and behind him another chest. It aggros on me and I go to pull out my sword. It moves quick as hell and it's firing things at me that explode... this isn't good I'm several stories in the air... and this thing is taking blocks out all around me. It's nearly got me dead and all I have on me is pounds of zombie flesh. I bolt down the stairs and eat a couple pieces but then I about crap myself cause this thing is still after me and to get to me it's blowing up the blocks and it's coming quick I make a mad dash down the stairs, floor after floor after floor. I keep thinking I can get some distance between us but everytime I stop to look he's like right above me blasting and blasting his way down. Finally I get to the bottom and moments later he's right there with me, he blasts a hole in the side wall and I leap out. I could swear he is getting smaller he chases me out the tower and now I'm strafing him in open area I pelt him with a whole stack of arrows.. he's still alive!!! the area looks like WWIII as his explosions have decimated the area... I need a breather to eat some zombie flesh and recoup so I run around the tower but then I notice he's gone.. not sure if he just reset or if he glitched but looking up I see he's magically back at the top of the tower.

New problem.. he took out all the stairs on our chase down the tower.. I gather up the mountain of loose stone and dirt he has blown up in our battle and started building my way up the top... I build in behind the roof chest and loot it. Some gold some artifacts and some crazy rainbow pickaxe and a couple diamond.

He reaggros but due to the tower being in shambles now, he falls to the floor below I'm trying to pelt him with arrows from the roof but he's big again and this seems futile.. he then get a few good shots in and nearly blasts me off roof. I can't figure out how to beat him. I thought I need to get him soon or I'm going I'm going to get blown to smitherins.. so I think I need to get on him with the sword instead.. but as I try to close down on him, I lose my footing and plummet down the tower to my death. :(b

On the brightside I've gotten all the loot from the tower.. on the other hand. He won and the tower is still in his.. whatever that thing is, hands.

I just started the game i don't have much health, like 5 hearts and I'm only in well now some iron and chain mail. Perhaps I need to be in diamond? I can make a diamond sword with those 2 I got from the treasure. But I dunno how i'm going to get close enough to him.. those ranged explosion blocks are insane.

User Info: Typheus_Orikoma

5 years ago#2
Time to bust out the musket.
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User Info: Kanuckels

5 years ago#3
He kicked my ass once and I never tried again, I just went on peaceful for that final chest.

On a side not, check out the ocean if you're playing the yogbox. If my memory serves correctly you won't be disappointed..

User Info: The_Viking_Swan

5 years ago#4
If I remember right the guy who made that mod was from gamefaqs. That mod is back from the pre-nether days if I remember right.
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User Info: Cookie Bag

Cookie Bag
5 years ago#5
Sounds like battle fortress.
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User Info: Mufufu_Master

5 years ago#6
Yeah, that's the Battle Tower mod. It's an adaptation of the old Battle Towers, which was by Kodaichi but stopped being updated. Kodaichi's original battletowers were not in the Yogbox initially because (allegedly) there was a disagreement, and Kodaichi apparently sent some flames and threats and that was it. The new modmaker is fine with it, however.
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User Info: TheNeckbeard

5 years ago#7

User Info: ScholarMongoose

5 years ago#8
Your voice goes with your user name. It's awesome.

User Info: Ultrachao

5 years ago#9
If he's anything like the original battle towers golem boss, all he drops is a diamond or two and a crapload of stone slabs. Not really worth the effort unless you're really desperate for diamonds (or... stone slabs, I guess)
Better to just ninja the loot and run away.

also i think he might be immune to arrows but i'm not sure.
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User Info: TheNeckbeard

5 years ago#10
ScholarMongoose posted...
Your voice goes with your user name. It's awesome.

Not sure to take that as a compliment or not lol.
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