So I'm playing with the Yogbox pack and...

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User Info: rcommee

5 years ago#1
I've gotten a bunch of artifacts from a battle tower. What do I do with these?
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User Info: chaosgamer99

5 years ago#2
See, to go offtopic. I wish I could use the Yogbox via Technic pack, but you know, it doesn't work for me.

They might have a wiki on it, on their site, but I'm not 100% sure
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User Info: zyrax2301

5 years ago#3
Throw them in the lava!~
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User Info: Croabadrin

5 years ago#4
You can get designs for new items from them.

Make a..... something hard to pronounce and use it with them. You can find it in the recipe book, just look up items that require feathers (it has a Q in it, so it should be obvious). Then just supply the thing with artifacts and paper (paper goes in top-right slot) and it'll begin digging up scraps of knowledge. Successfully re-research some knowledge and it'll turn into a Theory, which when fully researched, gives you a new item design!

Keep in mind that only the object or artifact in the top of the three boxes is researched: items added to the other two slots just increase the chances of success. The "loss rate" tells you how often you will lose an artifact when it's being researched. Success rate is obvious, failure rate only comes into play when working with Theories. If you don't have any artifacts, leave it with stacks of Cobble or Dirt, and it can still sometimes turn up scraps of knowledge.

One last tip: apparently objects or artifacts related to the one currently being researched will boost the change of success more than normal.
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User Info: theKirbinator2

5 years ago#5
To further clarify, they are part of the Thaumcraft mod. The things you discover won't be possible to make/use unless you get going with other parts of the mod. The wiki can give you some basic info

Thaumcraft is rather in depth, also when looking for more info on other sites bear in mind that the mod recently underwent a huge overhaul (hence the suffix of 2) and a lot of guides are for the first version, and are therefore obsolete.

Also worth mentioning, surround the Quasitum (thing you put the artifacts in) with bookshelves like and enchant table to boost success chance in research, you can upgrade to jarred brains for an even better boost, but you'll need to research that recipe on the Quasitum first (hint, research the brains themselves)

I've been pretty entrenched in Thaumcraft for a while, and yeah. It's pretty cool, provides some nice tools and toys without being too overpowered.
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