FamCraft Survival Vanilla Server *no whitelist* 24/7

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User Info: lnkinmarioland_

5 years ago#1
Hi and I'm just gonna go straight to the point here. My server is FamCraft (family craft) and we are a family friendly server. We are 95% Vanilla Minecraft, we do have some plugins such as jobs,shops and factions and some others but thats it. All of the server must be on survival too. So don't think your being cheated out by admins on creative. Because the only time we do that is when we work on spawn. Our server is 24/7 and there is no whitelist.

The IP is mc.famcraft.com

BUT in order for you to build you must register on


that way its easier for you to contact us about stuff and for the admins and mods to tell you about events (We do hold certain events such as a spleef,PVP,or faction battle) and if you get banned you can plead or apply for Mod. So yeah thats it. By the way this was my first server ad.

Owner is bknysnake
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