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[NEW][McMMO][Factions][PvP] CapitolCraft Minecraft Server 24/7 NO LAG!

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User Info: devdevbeck

5 years ago#1

Welcome to CapitolCraft, the Minecraft Server that was built by players, for players.
Like PvP? Like building to your hearts content in creative mode? Like teamwork? Here at CapitolCraft we offer all something for every type of player and a lag-free experience on our dedicated, professionally-hosted server. Anybody is welcome here and we would be glad to have you!

Some of our plugins include McMMO, Factions, TreeAssist, OreObfuscator, Multiworld, and ChestShop.

We strive to give you an excellent experience on CapitolCraft, but we still must have some rules to make sure that our server doesn't collapse into chaos.

1. Be polite and respectful to all members of the server, even if you hate their guts. Do your best not to rage... avoid all-caps messages or extremely hurtful, racist, sexist, or inappropriate messages.

2. Absolutely no hacking or using hacking clients! Usage of a hacking client, with proof, will result in an immediate ban over Mcbans. (Trust me, you don't want that to happen) This rule ALSO means NO X-RAY HACKING AT ALL. Also, this means that you may not use alternate accounts anywhere for any reason on the server.

3. Griefing is allowed in moderation - but this does not mean it is permitted. Breaking blocks to get into an enemy base is fine, the same goes with griefing to steal valuable blocks. But destroying other peoples' creations to the point where they are drastically disfigured results in action taken on behalf of the staff.

4. There is to be no duplicating items or abusing bugs in Minecraft, any plugins, or the server! This means no sand generators, and no attempting to transfer items from the Creative world in the PVP or NoPVP worlds. (Oh, and YES, we do have a free creative world!)

5. Do not use all-caps, and do not spam chat. Especially do not say offensive, racist, sexist, ect. messages in chat, and do not creative offensive structures. Try to use your best grammar at all times. As a little note, do NOT accuse ANYONE of violating a rule unless you have actual proof. (such as screenshots, videos, or griefs.)

Want to try out our server? You can - it's open to anybody. When you join, you will be a member of the [Default] user rank. This is not a bad thing! Defaults can still play on our server but it is HIGHLY RECCOMENDED that you sign up on our website. The [Member] rank will be given to you promptly, and once you have it, you will never lose it. Members get a host of new commands that defaults do not have access to, like /tpa, /f create, /sethome, and the ability to create factions.

So come pay us a visit! We'd love to have you.
- The CapitolCraft Server Administrative Team

EDIT: The IP address was wrong, it's fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Like Minecraft? Want to try out a great server? Come to CapitolCraft.
IP Address:
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