my villagers arent breeding

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User Info: Retro_Cuddles

5 years ago#1
in my desert village i seemed to only have one villager left. a butcher. all the doors were destroyed so i replaced all doors and spawned in one villager egg. then i fenced off the village and spammed torches everywhere. but these two villagers arent breeding, despite having 20+ empty houses with doors for them.

also has there been any mention on a simpler breeding system. having a swarm of pigs block you make its hard to breed them. i was thinking of like a hay bale made from wheat. sufficient for like 4 breeding before its depleted. that way you dont get swarmed by farm animals when breeding cos you could place it down and leave it
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User Info: TuxedoCyan

5 years ago#2
Only having 2 villagers will make it hard to make them breed when they have the entire village to wander around in. You need to force them into a confined space together, like lock them into a single house. Then they will start procreating.

As for your pig situation, make a bigger pen with multiple entries?
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User Info: Major_Max

5 years ago#3
Sounds like you need some Barry White music and copious amounts of alcohol.
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User Info: ISendOutMario

5 years ago#4
Did you try giving them 'the talk'?
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