Any good survival horror servers?

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User Info: Bulbasuar

5 years ago#1
Like, no build other than wood or something or things that can be destroyed by ghasts (so no cobble).

Have to quickly find shelter in a pre-built town or your own base and when night hits OP (or some mod) spawns a bunch of zombies in certain spots on the map, like in the town, on the outskirts, whatever.

In the initial waves there could be only zombies (hardcore or hard mode zombies that can break doors), then later add spiders, skeletons, and ghasts, maybe blazes too and a giant or two.

Goal is to locate some spot on the map before you die (like an obsidian bunker or something) where you "win." However, only THREE people can win so it is better to kill opposing survivor groups to increase your chances of winning or to help them to increase all of your chances of survival through the night.

Something like that.
Bulbasuar. The misspelled Pokemon.

User Info: eragonman9

5 years ago#2
I'm tracking this one. Sounds like a good idea.

User Info: Gunswordz

5 years ago#3
This does sound really fun. Hope something like that exists.
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User Info: ShatrdSkatr

5 years ago#4
I agree. This sounds like the new hunger games but BETTER.

Team up or team KILL

Whatever gets you to the finish right guys? ;)

PSN - Cack333
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User Info: PutFlame

5 years ago#5
sign me up!
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User Info: _DTM_

5 years ago#6
Day Z.

User Info: Bulbasuar

5 years ago#7
_DTM_ posted...
Day Z.

I was channeling this when I thought of this even though I havent played it.

It would work well in MC, IMO, with how the levels can be edited and whatnot.
Bulbasuar. The misspelled Pokemon.

User Info: Bulbasuar

5 years ago#8
Adding to the first idea...

maybe the bunker could be in one of 8 different spots in each game, and the location is random. In the start of the game you get a compass and are pointed in the right direction (like east, west, etc... based on where you spawn (maybe a few spawns with a few people in each?).

If you head in the right direction you might find roads that lead to supply outposts or towns that have been destroyed/boarded up where you can find supplies or shelter.

I would say that the goal point isnt the end of the game, as only when 3 people are left does the game end (or something), so survivors can go into the final point and camp there OR can go in and kill people already "safe" adding incentive to stay out in the world a little while longer.

Just throwing ideas out there.
Bulbasuar. The misspelled Pokemon.

User Info: Bulbasuar

5 years ago#9
Refining the idea of direction: maybe you are supposed to find the bunker based on the sun (since compasses dont work like NSEW (I forgot about that lol) and in spawn you are given basic directions based on the sun (like rises in north, sets in south or whatever minecraft is).

Starting kit could be basic supplies:

Stone Sword
Bow w/ 2 arrows
2 bread
A book (1.3 woo) with basic instructions and locations of stuff (maybe in a chest in each spawn).
2 Redstone Torches

Cant break blocks (would allow wood if ghasts work like this: if you are fully surrounded they can still locate people), can place/destroy wood doors, glass (idea still needs development).

The bunker would be ~2000 coords away. Maps would be in early towns to locate other survivors (like a radio or something) or to mark your way.

The game would span across multiple nights (which is why the bunker needs to be far). Night 1 is ONLY skeletons spawned near players. Night 2 is skeletons and creepers. Night 3 brings in the zombies who can break doors. Night 4 is ghasts, zombies, skeletons, creepers, and spiders. Anything beyond is the same.

The game ends (OP ends or something) when 3 (or less) people are all in the bunker (which has wheat and water in it and a few other "survival" tools).
Bulbasuar. The misspelled Pokemon.
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