"Copy" written books?

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User Info: MBXfilms

5 years ago#1
With the written books, it seems like you would be able to craft your book with another writeable to copy it. I'd make city guides and such but if someone is going to leave or die holding the only copy...what's the point?

Does copy and paste work very well in making "copies" though? Like with formatting and such staying the same?
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User Info: TuxedoCyan

5 years ago#2
You can't copy/paste within minecraft, like write up a book, and then highlight the words and copy them over to another book. But you can write up what you want in an external program like notepad, and copy/paste it into several books in minecraft. Only thing is, you can only copy/paste 255 characters at a time per page. If you try to copy more, it simply won't let you.

Or if you use a program like NBTEdit to edit your world file, you can make copies of your finished books in that, so you don't have to mess with copy/pasting at all.
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User Info: MastaMan88

5 years ago#3
You can copypasta in chat, and in Server IPs.
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User Info: benjaminkc

5 years ago#4
I do like the idea of adding a crafting recipe of:
(published book) + (book) + (ink sac) + (feather) = 2 copies of the published book

Would probably be more complicated than that to code, since the crafting system pretty much ignores the "enchantment info" of the items, but something like that.

I'm gonna go post that in the suggestions thread.

User Info: Kinkajou1015

5 years ago#5
How about a printing press, insert source (finished book or map), then insert the craftable receipe (as it has a 3x3 crafting grid with chest like storage), flip switch connected, every so often the chest interface spits out a new book/map until the crafting grid is out of material.
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User Info: benjaminkc

5 years ago#6
I fully expect a mod to do it roughly how you described, if Mojang doesn't put something in themselves by the time 1.3 goes live. It's more complex than what I would expect Mojang to do, though.
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