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User Info: darkmaian23

5 years ago#1
Which ones are the best and where should I go to get them? Since Minecraft is a popular game, I'm a bit concerned about going to the wrong site and getting malware instead of the intended mod. I don't know which sites are the safe ones. x.x

User Info: Aiphrem

5 years ago#2
The portal gun mod is pretty swell, but I've been having trouble installing the newer one.


You'll also need a modloader and occasionally Minecraft forge. Just try to search up a youtube tutorial for the installation. It's a bit tricky the first time, but after you get comfortable it's a piece of cake.

And I think most mods you can get off the minecraftforum site.
Good job!

User Info: MaestroSSX

5 years ago#3
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User Info: darkmaian23

5 years ago#4
Thanks guys!

User Info: funkedelike

5 years ago#5
I bet everyone on the boards is tired of me by how many times I've posted in these topics. (Note: most require Modloader and many require forge)

If you just want minor changes to vanilla minecraft:
Treecapitator - cut down trees faster
Crafting Table II (not sure on the current version of this one) - easier crafting
Elemental Arrows - different kinds of arrows
Any sort of mods that add new dungeons (I can't think of any specific mods)

If you want new blocks/new stuff to do:
Industrial Craft/Build Craft - factory type stuff
Thaumcraft - Crazy magic stuff, really fun to play with
Red Power 2 - If you love redstone contraptions go for this
Tale of Kingdoms - Help out a castle, then become king of your own Castle
Clay Soldiers - Really really fun to play with in creative, kind of pointless in survival.
Mo' Creatures - adds tons of new mobs, from water mobs to passive to hostile.
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