PC Specs for Minecraft?

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User Info: 1009delta

4 years ago#1
I'm just curious as to what yalls specs are and what speeds you run MC.
I don't know mine offhand but I do know most of the time I can't get anymore than 20 FPS with all of the settings at the lowest possible. So what should I do? Besides the obvious upgrade.

And how much woud Optifine help?
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User Info: tomandsam

4 years ago#2
The main things Minecraft needs are RAM and a good Video Card. I have 70 FPS, currently, with 12GB RAM and an nVidia GeForce GT 220. My RAM is pretty good, but my Graphics Card is old and slow. I might get a newer GTX, which will probably raise my FPS by 20 or so. Optifine should give you about a 50% to 100% better frame rate.
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User Info: kelemvor

4 years ago#3
Yeah, a video card is all you need. As long as you have 2GB of ram and a dual core cpu.

You dont even need a particularly good video card. I have an old geforce 9800GT and i get around 100 FPS unless im out in the open wth maximum draw distances. Then its like 60FPS

I did have some framerate issues until i installed 64bit Java.
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User Info: DarkJDL

4 years ago#4
In minecraft 1.1, I used to play on my laptop, I was running at 10FPS~ playable but nothing impressive, with 1.2.5 I can't play on my laptop anymore, so I play on my desktop at 25-30 FPS. Both of these are while using optifine to remove as much graphical junk as I can.

edit: without optifine, my desktop runs at 15fps~ you really should use it, I love optifine.
also, once you go 30FPS, 15FPS is horrible. just saying.

User Info: ReliefWithBeef

4 years ago#5
I got an AMD quad core, 4GB RAM and an old 6770. I get a good 60 fps. Pretty sure i could get more but my monitor is only 60Mhz
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User Info: pstwoorbust

4 years ago#6
AMD quad core 3.00GHZ
4 GB ram (I allocate 2 to MC)
AMD Radeon HD 6670 graphics card

I max all settings, and without optifine (after the world has fully loaded) I get 85-90 FPS
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