Minecraft 1.3.2

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User Info: RE4puffin

5 years ago#1
Anyone know what this patch/update/whatever entails? I wasn't expecting it and the launcher says nothing about it.
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User Info: Wedge110

5 years ago#2
From: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Version_history

"Large Oak Trees now generate with sideways logs.
You can now toggle showing server addresses in the server list using the F1 key.

Bug Fixes: [Collapse]

Fixed players sometimes falling out of the world when entering the Nether after having
been there before in the same session[1]
Fixed players taking damage when water or players push them into corners
Fixed various uncommon crash bugs"

User Info: dwebbster

5 years ago#3
I read something about 1.3.1 servers being compatible with 1.3.2 clients. Is this true?
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User Info: lavarathan

5 years ago#4
From the mojang website

The update will be put live on Thursday, August 16. This pre-release is mainly intended to prepare server admins and mod makers. If you are running a server, this 1.3.2 release is compatible with 1.3.1 clients, so you can update your server when-ever.

User Info: VicViperMkIII

5 years ago#5
dwebbster posted...
I read something about 1.3.1 servers being compatible with 1.3.2 clients. Is this true?

on the server I am currently playing. some people were 1.3.1, and others 1.3.2 and we were playing together
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