Why is eveyone so reliant on the minimap mod?

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User Info: JOJ650s

5 years ago#31
Marbiaach posted...
zero_x300 posted...
Marbiaach posted...
Because my aerial batman symbol looks badass in the minimap, that's why.




Bleh, it doesn't look as good if it isn't on full screen.

Ok, you win.
That does look epic on the minimap. :O
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User Info: Marbiaach

5 years ago#32
Yeah, I was actually surprised on how good it looked on the minimap, and how...meh.. it actually looked.
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User Info: headscar918

5 years ago#33
Marbiaach posted...
Yeah, I was actually surprised on how good it looked on the minimap, and how...meh.. it actually looked.

Now, just camouflage the bottom. Put like, light blue wool and white wool for clouds,

But make it a deliberately bad job!
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User Info: Marbiaach

5 years ago#34
I was thinking Snow blocks, since those look better than white wool.
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Currently awaiting: Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Animal Crossing:JO, Pokemon Black 2, Fire Emblem:Awakening and Super Smash Bros 4.

User Info: l33t_ninj4_1337

5 years ago#35
I use it because it's cool to see what my stuff would look like in a satellite photo.

I don't get lost because I remember natural landmarks. I also explore in straight lines and 90 degree angles, building small towers of cobble or whatever when I turn, so I can always find my way back.
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User Info: Sk0rbut

5 years ago#36
Not only do I use a minimap but I also have a live mapper running on my second screen as well *cue evil laugh*

Apart from easy directions and waypoints another feature of Rei's I really appreciate is that it can reveal slime-spawning chunks - finding one the legit way can get sooo tedious and boring...
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User Info: Foxkoun25

5 years ago#37
I like how I can spot technics taint land in advance rather than wait for it to zerg me. Otherwise in reg minecraft it just adds as a bonus for finding some things. Found my first ender portal because of it, but I don't consider it a must have as much as a benefit. Like having insurance and not needing it.

User Info: ToaKatuko

5 years ago#38
At first I only used torches and landmarks and stuff, and I still use those to find my way. However, sometimes I'm just running around a generated cave network and can't be bothered to mark everything (plus torches doesn't help when they are everywhere eventually). The normal Minecraft maps don't show anything but the surface, and until the coming update they can't zoom. It's nice to have a map that shows my 1 to 3 block thick roads, whereas a crafted map uses 8 blocks per map pixel.

Oh, and it looks real cool when walking down a staircase and you see your minimap path gradually fade into different sections as you change elevation. In addition, this minimap can be used without me having to switch to the map item.

User Info: thrashmetal59

5 years ago#39
Well this thread took off.
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User Info: TStodden

5 years ago#40
Rei's Minimap (the successor to Zan's Minimap) has become popular for a couple of reasons.

1) Moving Map -- Unlike the maps within Minecraft itself, the minimap keeps updating as you move so you can always see what's around you without having to keep a bunch of maps in your inventory.

2) Compass Directions -- It's a minor thing, but knowing which way is "north", even when you're underground is helpful.

3) On-screen coordinates -- Another minor thing, but still very helpful, as you always know where in the world you're at without having to pull up the Debug Interface (F3 / Shift + F3). The most helpful cooridinate is the altitude measure, so you know how far up / down you are in the world.

Unlike the debug interface, it only shows to 2 decimal points.

4) Nether Realm & "The End" Support -- While usefulness in both these realms can be limited (as the minimap is always rendered Top-Down), it's helpful to have an idea where you can go where you can't take a map with you.

5) Waypoints -- This is probably the most helpful function of the Minimap mod. Being able to place virtual markers on the worlds on places that you'll want to be able to return to at a later time. It's very helpful to have a reference point to know which way to go when you have limited resources OR playing on a server that has some protected areas.

Prior to picking up the Minimap mod, I had to lay down a trail of torches so I know where I've been... which is pretty bothersome as you have to craft them (again, prior to creative mode) & place them down in a place where you'll be able to see them in either direction of the path you're blazing.

With the Minimap mod, I set a waypoint at a place of interest & take off knowing that I can find my way back to it, saving my torches for the caves & mines.

6) Mob detection -- While this isn't really supported online (as it can causes performance problems), you can see where all the mobs are around you & know if they're hostile, neutral, or friendly (as the color of the dot will tell you) in addition to where they're looking.

While it's usefulness is somewhat limited, it's helpful to know exactly how many mobs you'll have to deal with when leaving a building in the wilderness.

7) Cave Mode -- It's easy to get lost when you're underground, but switching to cave mode can help show you the tunnels around you.

While it's usefulness is limited to the light sources available (as the minimap only shows the open space as black, solid areas being in green... like night vision) & only in the rough elevation to you (it only shows a few meters above & below you), it can help you navigate the tunnels underground that you've previously explored (& left some torches or light sources along the way).

Cave mode is NOT X-Ray vision as it doesn't show you where any special blocks are located (with the possible exception of light sources), just where the paths & tunnels are.

I occasionally use cave mode when I'm building a basement in an already established building so I know where the limits of the building are.

8) Zoom -- Just a minor function, but it helps to have a reasonable close-up view of an area you're working on (up to 8x) OR a broad view of the region (at 0.5x)

Hope that helps to shed light on why Minimap mod is so popular.
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