Any Monster Mods with Block Breaking?

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User Info: gfaqs_slayer

5 years ago#1
Are there any mods out there that allow monsters such as zombies, to break through simple blocks such as dirt, wood, cobblestone, etc. I've played the game for awhile but alas it seems to end once I build a house out of dirt and there is no more danger to the game. =[

User Info: derp420

5 years ago#2
Don't know of a mod that does exactly what you want but Mo' Creatures can spawn ogres, which make fairly large holes through the landscape (including stuff you built). There are several types and you can choose if or how often each of them spawns. You can also turn off the other things added by the mod if you only want vanilla mobs and the ogres.

User Info: Nintendude128

5 years ago#3
Monster Apocalypse let zombies break things, as well as modifying spawn rates. Doubt it's current, though.
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User Info: Vanguard_6575

5 years ago#4
Invasion mod has zombies that break blocks to enter your fortress.
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