so witches dont need witch huts to spawn in?

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  3. so witches dont need witch huts to spawn in?

User Info: Retro_Cuddles

5 years ago#1
guy on my server. he found a desert pyramid which was half in the desert half in the swamp. at night witches spawn on top of it. i was under the impression that they could only spawn in the huts.
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User Info: Mr Hangman

Mr Hangman
5 years ago#2
Interesting... I think jungle temples, pyramids, and witch huts are all related. The game picks some locations to try to generate those structures, and if it's a jungle, desert, or swamp then it creates the corresponding structure. When the game tries to spawn a mob, it doesn't just check the biome, it also checks whether it's in the bounding box of any generated structures. This is how whither skeletons spawn in nether fortresses. I suppose jungle temples and pyramids must also have the same spawn list, but since they aren't also in a swamp, normally it does nothing.

And just to clarify, it's not the witch hut structure itself that allows witches to spawn, its the space that it's generated in. You can tear it down and build a different structure there, and witches could still spawn there.
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User Info: Chicken

5 years ago#3
If you destroy a witch hut, they still spawn. My guess is that a hut was supposed to spawn there, but the temple spawned over it instead.
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  3. so witches dont need witch huts to spawn in?

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