AMIDST "Move Player" Function

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User Info: CidHighwindFF7

5 years ago#1
Has anybody ever used this function of AMIDST? Everytime Ive done it, I always fall from the sky to my death. Google is turning up nothing.
"Hold on to your britches, and don't piss in em'!"-Cid Highwind
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User Info: dragon504

5 years ago#2
if it's similar to the cheats tp function, then you put the coordinates in as x, y, z. Maybe you're switching y and z, so it's spawning you way up in the air.

User Info: mjh410

5 years ago#3
It's done the same for me as well. But I'm usually playing Technic so I use NEI and change to creative mode before I hit the ground.
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