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User Info: Robot2600

4 years ago#1
Wanna play some minecraft? Who's up for some rpg fun. Small server looking for cool people. No pvp on the survival world, but there is a pvp place available.

There are also shops in spawn from which you can buy Spawn Eggs for very cheap. Want to summon skeletons, Townspeople, or Ender Men? Go for it. These stores are built by admins into some of the many, many NPC villages which have been found, and improved by the admins.

The rules are simple as well, don't harass others, grief, destroy needlessly, or steal. Try to keep the place looking nice. Treat generated structures like public property. No spawning Wither Bosses yet, however we will build a Wither arena if someone wants to fight one.

There are tons of commands for all the plugins on the Minecraft server. The mini-guide below should help out the new players. If you need more help just post a comment or ask an admin online.

/jobs list ---> lists the jobs and lets you pick your professions. You need some jobs to make money, which you can use to trade with players, make shops, and purchase stuff from /spawn. I recommend Miner and Builder for everyone, and you get 6 jobs in total.

/mcstats -----> see your McMMO stats
/mctop ------> see the McMMO leaderboard
/mctop ------> see the leaderboard for a specific skill
/mcrank ----> see your rankings for all skills

/ ------> /swords for example will give you skill info on swords and show your exp, exp needed TNL, etc etc

/tpa ----> request to teleport to a player
/tpahere -----> request a player to TP to you

/sethome ---> sets a home point, you can have a few of these
/delhome ----> deletes a home point

/back ---> returns you to the last place you were

/ms help -----> guide to using the magic spells plugin

/spawn ------> takes you back to Spawn City Overworld, the city offers tons of stuff: an enchanting table, curiosities to explore (double-glitched jungle temple, an empty dungeon that myself and another admin built [real version is in the Adventure world]) shops selling monster spawn eggs, Ender chests, and NPC eggs so you can start or improve an NPC village if you'd like. Also portals to all of the worlds; Adventure, Creative, War, Cityworld, etc.

-cauldrons are infinite water sources.

-to lock a chest, place a sign on the front of the chest. You can use /lockette to edit the sign and allow multiple users to access the chest.

I'm sure there's more stuff but I can't think of it at the moment. Anyway hope to see some more people online!

User Info: Robot2600

4 years ago#2
Also we have a Gods plugin running, which is like a Guild/Faction but with perks and quests.

User Info: Robot2600

4 years ago#3
You can also buy Diamond Swords and a few other things. We have a huge dungeon with tons of monster spawners, itll take some mcmmo leveling and diamond gear before youll be able to handle it.

User Info: Cookie Bag

Cookie Bag
4 years ago#4
See, this is a really well put server advertising post... wish other people did the same with their half asses servers...
Give me my god DAMN TEA!

User Info: meteor6666

4 years ago#5
Cookie Bag posted...
See, this is a really well put server advertising post... wish other people did the same with their half asses servers...

This. Although the topic could have been organized, maybe even list current staff or average players and whatnot. I will say this, however, I was interested in reading the whole thing regardless of the order of the sentencing.

User Info: Robot2600

4 years ago#6
Well things have been going very well over at Paladins.

We now have a memorable url so you can visit

Instead of a random IP address.

ALSO, I'm really pumped to announce that the Epic Bosses plugin is up and running. What's this? Well, it's custom boss battles that are on 5-50 minute timers like you'd find in any MMORPG. Make no mistake, these bosses are TOUGH and encourage teamwork, but the drops are amazing. The best part is you can join the fights as soon as you log in, if you like. Here are some of our bosses:

Astaroth: Uses the Giant Zombie model, Astaroth can throw the player so high into the air that you'll probably die. If that's not enough he can summon zombies or bash your skull in the old fashion way.

Merchant: A corrupt, low-level supplier of goods to the Warlocks. Has the power to summon a deadly Killbot and poison the player, but he drops stacks of potions which will be invaluable in a difficult battle.

Warlock: The current big badasses. They have lightning spells, poison, blindness, and a nasty regular attack. If you can defeat one you've got my instant respect.

We've also got Death Knights, Zombie Kings, Spider Queens, Ogres, Angels, Big Piggy (Unique Zombie Pigman), and Nazguls, with more on the way. Currently I'm working on build an Ice Palace with a deadly Necromancer inside, so come check it out! Some bosses drop diamonds, gold, other drop useful things like potions or enchanted swords.

/warp fight

^command to warp to the fights, see you online!

User Info: Robot2600

4 years ago#7
Over the last few weeks I added tons of Epic Bosses, here is a brief overview:

Necromancer: Summoner who raises tons of undead.

Hork: An elite zombie and special Necromancer summon.

Angel: A rare mob that actually HEALS players, although the knockback from his love-taps can be a bit of a mixed blessing.

Psycho: A killer with a sharp 5 blade, and JASON, the unqiue, elite version who is extra nasty.

Knights, Lancelot, and Arthur; Armored badasses with an insane speed spell and the ability to throw you into the air.

Merlin: A powerful wizard capable of a multi-form spell, lightning, fire, darkness, poison.....etc.

Big Piggy: Elite Zombie Pigman with confusion, sickness, and other debuffs. Live at the bottom of the Morgue.

To go along with all the monsters there are 5 basic Dungeon areas.

/warp ice
(the Ice Palace, Morgue, and Crystal Lake are all nearby)

/warp fight
(a collection of different mobs, from Zombie King to Astaroth top Nazgul)

/warp camelot
(Arthur's castle, filled with Knights, Arthur, Lancelot, and Merlin. Something might lurk in the dungeon here as well...)

I'm working on a new dungeon, a gigantic spire, but no idea when it'll be done. Try out our dungeons and tell me what you think of them. To balance all this out (these bosses are TOUGH) you can buy regeneration and str pots in town with money you earn from jobs. Just /spawn and look for "Necromancy USA" the shop that sells the pots.

User Info: Robot2600

4 years ago#8
Just keeping topic alive
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