I can't sleep in my house!!!

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User Info: boneywings

6 years ago#1
what was once a safe house to sleep in no longer is. Every time I try to sleep in my house things start to go black like when you normally sleep, then I get woken up and there is a zombie standing over my bed.
My house used to be safe to sleep in, is there any reason why suddenly it wouldn't be?
any ideas on how to stop them from coming into my house every time I try to sleep?

My front wall did get blown up by a creeper recently but I patched all the holes and it's back to normal, I also installed some glass blocks to use as windows, but removed them because I thought they were the cause of my problem

thanks for the answers!

User Info: DEZisaminer

6 years ago#2
Hmm... If the windows were 1/2, it could have JUMPED in. Well, if the windows were 4 blocks above ground level, impossible. Do you have, for example, 4 stories? If so, seal the top. Does it attack? Maybe it's a glitch. Are you in the Far Lands? It glitches a lot there. Sorry for asking questions. Anyways, seal up ANY openings, and sleep with a sword. I would reccomend a stone sword, only if there isn't a mine in your house. Well, if it's sealed up when you don't go in. If you have an open mine in your house, install a trap door at the top, and drop in when you are going to sleep. Or sleep with an iron or diamond sword, if you have them. Sorry if I'm no help. DEZ is out!
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