Best place to find large titanite shards?

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User Info: kisame847

5 years ago#1
I understand that I can make a kickass furysword out of my falchion? I turned it into a raw falchion because it seemed more powerful than a regualr one, but thats easily reversed. I guess I gotta upgrade it to +10 regular falchion... but yea, any good place to find/farm these shards?
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User Info: Necro_Fear89

5 years ago#2
Sen's fortress merchant sells them, just farm some souls in the forest and go buy them off of him. Less time consuming that way, however if you do wanna just farm them there is a black knight in Sen's that always respawns, and he sometimes drops them. Can also can't the slime things in the sewers, I believe they drop them too.
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User Info: stabbinya

5 years ago#3
Slimes that drop from the ceiling in the depths right before the bon fire. They drop larges and greens.

User Info: Ridinfearspam

5 years ago#4
The worms down in the blighttown swamp area drop them fairly often, just farm them for a while. There's also tons of them down there if you kill them all.
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User Info: VulcanHades

5 years ago#5
Farm the samps in the depths. There's a spot near the big tree where you'll find 20 slugs. And each can drop large shard or green titatine shard x5. I recommend having humanity at least to 10 and equip the serpent ring if you have it to increase your drop rate.

I also recommend buying a dozen of homeward bones to make the swamp runs less tedious.

User Info: ArchDemonSlayer

5 years ago#6
Trading For Titanite Chunks

Gaxe +10
Zwiehander +10
Mans Serpent +10
Composite Bow +10
Sunlight Sword +10
Giant Shield +10
Giant Armor
Havel's Shield
Sunlight Shield +10
Demon's Great Hammer Ltn. +2
Purging Stones
Anything lmfao

I need titanite chunks.

I also have boss's souls to give.

User Info: MattTheRat007

5 years ago#7
DAM, looks like I am headed back to the depths. need the large ones.

User Info: VulcanHades

5 years ago#8
Really the swamps are the best place to farm those. I got my green titanite shards to 99 in no time. And was able to get like 30 large + 20k souls in under 30 minutes of farming.

User Info: Theohazard

5 years ago#9

Try the slime things in the Depths right next to the bonfire. They take a while to kill normally but they're weak to fire. From the bonfire its a pretty quick farming cycle. I just rest at the bonfire, kill the first zombie, sprint down the hall so they all drop down from the ceiling, kill that other zombie, then turn around and use Combustion (pyromancy) on each slime, then go back to the bonfire to rest. They drop Large Titanite and Green Titanite.

User Info: Theohazard

5 years ago#10

Man, I type slowly. When I started there were no replies.

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