Why does every summon fail??

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User Info: TheRedDash

6 years ago#1

i finally summoned the courage to face ornstein and smough and decided to summon a sun bro and another player but i must of tried to summon at least 7 players about 10 times near the boss door and all of them failed miserably. 

What is going on? I have yet to have a player summon work in this game since i got the damn game on christmas. 

Anyways i went in to face them and it was going great! The sunbro was taking care of ornstein and had him down half way and i was taking care of smough. Smough had 10% health left and decided to Spam his charge attack over and over and over and over at the last minute and killed me. I couldn't even get up from those repeated attacks. 


User Info: GSoKash

6 years ago#2
It seems to depend on the person. Some have complaints about it, and others, such as myself can get summoned and summon pretty regularly. I actually just did 4Kings and the first person I tried worked. Before that, I summoned two for Sif.
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User Info: bigbigtom10

6 years ago#3
If your summons are failing repeatedly it's possible that it's your internet connection. Is all your bandwidth tied up?

I don't have a fantastic internet connection but I haven't had any summons fail.

User Info: TheRedDash

6 years ago#4

My connection is always top notch.

Im just trying to get Ornsteins armor so i can add it to my collection.

User Info: SomebodyYouDont

6 years ago#5
Don't know if it matters but are your router's NAT ports open?

User Info: popsmiley

6 years ago#6
Open ports on your router for your xbox ip address that fixes pretty much all connecting issues.
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User Info: TheRedDash

6 years ago#7

The thing that makes this even better is the random invasion they put in this god forsaken game. I get extremely lucky and make it past the damn golden sentinels without using one potion and all of a sudden i get invaded by a guy who kills me with magic in one hit...lol

That is one of the biggest flaws that they could of put in this game. I should not have to play offline to no get invaded while im human. It should really be a damn setting that you can switch on and off. it is very game breaking IMO and not having a option to turn it off or on is horrible. I don't care about the campaign difficulty, i love learning from the deaths but having to worry about the mobs on the way to the boss, the amount of potions you have and possibly being invaded by another player that just decimates you is way to over the top.

User Info: TheRedDash

6 years ago#8

unfortunately i am not all that technical and kinda over it lol. 

I feel like kicking a box of kittens off a cliff right now..

As said, it tends to have to do with a player's connection. I have a hard time summoning and getting summoned. I've even had invasions begin to occur (fog walls and such) without an invader ever actually connecting, and the fog disappearing shortly after.

In the Unread Burg, for instance, I tried summoning a friend multiple times, and got invaded the times meanwhile, and all failed outside that first bonfire. Oddly, though, if I went down to the room right before the undead merchant summonings and invasions went off without a hitch.

Try it it in different locations.
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User Info: SomebodyYouDont

6 years ago#10
You don't need to be technical buddy. I'm 100% sure there are step by step guides. Try googlin it. I couldn't connect to many BF3 servers until I opened the ports, solved the problem lickity split.
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