when exactly can i join the darkwraith covenant?

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  3. when exactly can i join the darkwraith covenant?

User Info: enrimel

5 years ago#1
i've just defeated the four kings, lit the bonfire in front of kaathe, and press A to talk to kaathe, he then ask me about going somewhere and i choose yes. so im at altar, haven't placed the lordvessel yet, talked to kaathe, still no offers on the covenant. also i haven't talked to frampt since i got the item. what shall i do?

User Info: SeraphLance

5 years ago#2
You need to place the Lordvessel, talk to Kaathe to return to the Abyss, then talk to him again I believe to get the option to join the Darkwraiths.
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User Info: enrimel

5 years ago#3
did just that! thanks! last one, how do i steal (?) humanities with the dark hand?

User Info: Fugenot

5 years ago#4
Hold down/attack with R2 while its in your right hand.
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User Info: game_wiz101

5 years ago#5
Technically, you can join the Darkwraiths as soon as you exit the Asylum and arrive at Lordran. The point of placing the Lordvessel is to remove the orange fog doors, but the Four Kings aren't restricted by the orange fog. All you need to do is make sure you talk to Kaathe more than once.
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User Info: XaznzaX

5 years ago#6
Like stated above, the Lordvessel has NOTHING to do with joining the Darkwraiths. Simply kill the 4 Kings - which you can do at the very beginning of the game. Talk to Kaathe, make sure you answer YES to his question, and you will be given the option to join the covenant.

If you don't kill the Kings until later in the game, make sure you don't speak to Frampt at all.
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User Info: SierraRei

5 years ago#7
You also don't have to kill an NPC if you do them after getting the Lordvessel. Just, yeah, make sure you don't talk to Frampt.

User Info: enrimel

5 years ago#8
again, thanks for the info guys! good day!
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  3. when exactly can i join the darkwraith covenant?

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