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User Info: narfa

5 years ago#11
Can someone explain to me exactly what it does? I'm kinda late to the bandwagon on this game but I am definitely picking it up tomorrow. I see people talking about the Master Key but no one really mentions what it's use is.
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User Info: Elemental Fusion

Elemental Fusion
5 years ago#12

Yes, it's re-usable.


It opens some locked doors. It allows you to open them up earlier than you would have been able to if you were to just obtain the door's regular key.
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User Info: TWPE

5 years ago#13
Master key is only obtainable as a gift according to the Japanese wiki. Other sources have indicated that you MAY be able get it near the end of the game and carry it over on a new game+. I can't verify either sources until I've beaten the game 5-6 times and found everything.

If you choose thief and pick the master key you will have two. You only need one because the master key IS reusable.

Every door open-able by the master key can be opened by another key found in game according to the Japanese wiki.
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User Info: Great_Pagliacci

5 years ago#14
So it isn't a must then? You can get into those doors later?
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User Info: TWPE

5 years ago#15
It is not a must. Most of those doors have keys hidden in the same area. The rest can supposedly be found later (again according to the japanese wiki). The master key honestly doesn't open THAT many difficult to open doors either way... but since the rest of the gifts are easily obtainable (and therefore fairly worthless) during the course of the game, it is still probably the best gift (unless you are trying to get a certain reward from a certain early boss easier, but even that reward is still obtainable with enough skill regardless of gift choice).

That said, IMO the thief is a very poor class compared to the wanderer. The only reason I could justify picking thief is if you wanted both the master key and another gift, but you will be making that choice at the expense of stats.
Luck and skill go hand-in-hand.

User Info: Steelboy87

5 years ago#16
Ok so we've cleared up the Master Key stuff, but what about the pendent? I have been reading that it has story related value, which instantly makes it more important in the gradn scheme of things, and that you can find it within the course of the game. My two questions now would be: 1. Is it true you can find the pendent? 2. If you can find it, do you miss out on anything by not starting with it?
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