Dragon Bridge (Spolier)

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User Info: Diagnosed_H1N1

5 years ago#1
After the Taurus boss, very anti-climatic wouldn't you say? No checkpoint, no bon-fire, no open shortcut, then die twice by the dragon on the bridge . . . how do you progress?
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User Info: simonbelmont2

5 years ago#2
I know there is a stairwell about half way across the bridge. If you unequip your armor and run you can get there. You will take some damage but it can be done without getting killed. I think it's on the right side. Doing that should also give you a good view of the dragon's tail too I think. If you pelt it with arrows and cause it to break off you get a good weapon.
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User Info: Yuseke111

5 years ago#3
ya you have to dash to the mid way point and there is stairs on the right. This leads to a whole bunch of BS!
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