Getting Dark Souls from Redbox

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User Info: Rhomulus

6 years ago#1
hey does anyone know when dark souls will be available through redbox? or know how long it usually takes them to stock new games?

User Info: Dustin1280

6 years ago#2
Holy crap, I didn't know redbox did games now...
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User Info: Rhomulus

6 years ago#3
ya they have been releasing games through it for a while now, 2 bucks a night, its good for when you want to try a game.

User Info: fl4tlined

6 years ago#4
redbox has dark souls where i live basically everywhere picking it up tomorrow after school

User Info: Iceyflame

6 years ago#5
it differs from redboxes

my local redbox takes a long while to get new games ones further away from me get them at release date

User Info: CthulhuDagon

6 years ago#6
It has Dark Souls & Rage today where I am today. Though I bought Dark Souls =).
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User Info: Rhomulus

6 years ago#7
ya i think im in the same boat as Iceyflame. blockbuster had rage today and not dark souls so i got that. It's ok but i'd much rather play dark souls
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