Any tips for playing Thief?

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User Info: Draulis

5 years ago#1
So far I'm loving this game alot but I was wondering if anyone could share some insight on how to play this class most effectively. Btw I'm only 2 hours into the game and I never played Demons Souls in the past so all of this is a fresh, new experience for me and I'm sure I've got alot to learn.

Also how exactly do I perform a backstab? I did it once by accident and I've got no idea how I did? Do I just need to get behind an enemy and RB (fast attack) ?

User Info: cdaro

5 years ago#2
To perform a backstab, you just have to get behind the enemy and hit RB. It has to be pretty accurate though, but you'll eventually get a feel for it.
El Psy Congroo

User Info: gabgabgab39

5 years ago#3

TO backtab all you do is hit normal attack (R1 on Ps3, not sure what on X360) while you are directly behind your opponent. It will work if you are in the right spot and have a weapon that you can backstab with.

As for the theif, they are supposed to be fast and nimble but you can play however you want.

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  3. Any tips for playing Thief?

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