This game could be so good

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User Info: SteelWingKnight

6 years ago#21
tigerex777 posted...
and that is what makes this game so awesome. It can only be appreciated by those who understand what it is.. and it is awesome.

Sounds like i'll really enjoy this then, can't wait to get it.

If you want the game to implement an encyclopedia explaining you everything.. this game ain't for you friend. This game is just there in front of your face and it's up to you to find out whatever the heck you want to find out about this game. Don't expect a holding hand.

This being said, consider the Civilization games. They literally do have an encyclopedia in them, and they're still insanely hard to get into. One could say that Dark/Demons Souls are like the Civilization of RPG's. Very hard to get into, definitely not for everyone, but a very rich and rewarding experience once you truly learn to play them (and not everyone will).
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User Info: Bullshifty12

6 years ago#22
I agree with you to some extent; But it didn't really need a quest system...

A map screen would have been nice...and maybe a better manual.

User Info: DarkRhaim

6 years ago#23
Groadergreen posted...
There's extremely vague bits of info here and there, but honestly, the point of a Soul's game just seems to be near endless farming in order to get trophies.

farming? i havent farmed once i ve been going straight through, nearendless farming for trophies is only what some people do, and people that farm soul levels because they think it will cover up for their lack of blocking and rolling (lol)

lol when you said trophies i was thinking of those people trying to get 1000 online wins in fighting games and halo players getting 2000 headshots or somehing crazy like that. do trophies really do anything or is it to feel better?

btw TC get over it there are elitists in every game, even hello kitty online.

btw wtf do you need an encyclopedia for? they explain what every stat point does and they explain how poison and bleed build up work, what more do you need i mean christ..

User Info: killaSeason007

6 years ago#24
If you don't like the game dont play it. You basically want them to make a new game to your liking, like is that all!?!? Wait for skyrim and go away.
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