How do I beat Meta Boar and Black Knight

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User Info: FlameVegaXV

6 years ago#1
I have a knight char. In my first encounter with the black knight I tried to parry his attacks but it doesnt look like i can parry him and his hits take ALOT of stamina(so i always end up dying). And Everytime i go to metaboar im always outnumbered and always get raamed to death. So how do I beat these two mini bosses?
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User Info: FScell

6 years ago#2
You can parry the knight, but it's pretty risky. Especially if it's a first encounter.

The boar you can save for last, since you can pull the hollows to you and then attack the archers.. finally drop down to fight the boar. Try making him run into the fire.
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User Info: infinitexx

6 years ago#3
You can cheese that black knight with a bow from the church, since it will charge in then just stop and walk away. Otherwise you need to learn to dodge his attacks (blocking eats too much stamina and missing a parry will get you killed) and chip away at him. Don't be afraid to just leave him until later.

If you're interested in getting the sword, it would be wise to wait until you can come back with bolstered item discovery.
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User Info: GuyCarlPeterson

6 years ago#4
For the boar you can go to the right where the stairs are. He will stop chasing you and turn away. You can sneak attack him in the rear. He also runs into the fire and dies sometimes.
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User Info: Welis

6 years ago#5
I found the best way to kill the boar was standing near the stair where the boar are standing when you first got your sight on it. Stay there and when the boar rushes you, it gets stuck so you can hit it face till i dies. Pretty cheap but hey.. all the enemies in this game are cheap!!!

User Info: PCyhan215

6 years ago#6
im pissed i killed that knight and he didnt drop anything...WTF!!!! i wanted that sword...i have a black knight halberd but cant use it for a very long time

User Info: QuikFoXy

6 years ago#7
Welis posted...
Pretty cheap but hey.. all the enemies in this game are cheap!!!

I take it you've never actually played any kind of table top RPG where the whole point of the person controlling the game was to kill you around every corner.

Dark Souls is like old school D&D from back in the pen and paper days, and I simply can't get enough of it.
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