Quelana of Izalith plotline/possible quest? *spoilers*

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  3. Quelana of Izalith plotline/possible quest? *spoilers*

User Info: LuciousLucius

5 years ago#1
So once you meet her and go through the pyro upgrades, you can coax this dialouge out of her *spoilers ahead*

I have a favor to ask…
My mother, the Witch of Izalith, was one of the primeval Lords…
Her power came from the soul that she found near the First Flame.
She focused this power to light a flame of her own, but she failed to control it.
The Flame of Chaos engulfed Mother and molded them into deformed creatures.
Only I escaped, and now I am here.
But my mother and sisters have been in anguish since.
I beseech you. Free Mother and my sisters from the Flame of Chaos
I cannot do it myself; I lack the strength, and the bravery…
…But you…
I realize what I am asking. But please, free their pour souls…
Mother's ambitions were misguided, no doubt, but surely a thousand years of atonement is enough!

Has anyone been able to get anything to follow up on this in-game wise? I was wondering if this actually causes anything to happen in the game or if its just thrown in for flavor and atmosphere? By the way, Quelagg is dead at this point in the playthrough.

User Info: FScell

5 years ago#2
It's a quest to kill the Bed of Chaos.

You'll get a spell for it.
What is video game?!
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  3. Quelana of Izalith plotline/possible quest? *spoilers*

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